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Stay Alive  The survival action is set in a post-apocalypse, when the world saw an outbreak of an unknown infection that destroyed almost all the human race.

All those dead started turning into zombies and those few survivors that have resistance in their blood are trying to survive.

Explore the world! Upgrade your hero, equip your weapon and loot – the new world has new rules.

Will you survive in conditions like these? If so, what price are you ready to pay?

Stay Alive user reviews :

It’s your typical explore, collect, craft/build game, so if you enjoy those then you’ll enjoy this one too. The only con I have is the grind, I understand that you’ll need to grind in this type of game but it’s crazy. A branch picked up from the ground gives you +1 wood and 5 exp but you chop down a tree and get +2 wood and 5 exp, it costs 3 or 4 wood and stone to craft an axe. The durability of items are basically none existent, most of your gear breaks after 4 or 5 attacks. Needs an update.
  • Pixel Force Ltd
  • Hello! Thank you for the feedback. The game is currently under development and it will undergo great changes in the balance and other aspects. Everything that seems wrong at the moment will definitely be fixed in the future
I just started playing, and I’ve played quite a few similar style game, but I’m loving this one the aound effect, the fast combat, and thank you for adding Stealth kill, i hope the game continues to grow and become better as i move forward, oh a small issue, i kinda made the backpack before the journal mission started ao i had to make a brand new one, nothing bothersome but would be nice if that registered as already completed.
  • Pixel Force Ltd
  • Hey there! Thank you so much for the detailed feedback. We really appreciate it At the moment missions don’t count already crafted resources, but we’ll consider changing this feature.
So 1st I thought “another last day on earth knockoff” but I have to say I was wrong. Yes parts of the game are similar. Like upgrading and building of your base and the general things to collect. But thee graphics are sharp. The sounds are amazing. You step in mud. And it sounds like mud. You step in water. It sounds like water. You have zeeks hanging from trees and the map looks bigger than ldoe. I’ve only been playing on it for about half a hour but so far it’s amazing. Devs should be proud
  • Dokole Paroli Limited
  • Hello! Thank you so much for the feedback. We really appreciate it and we really are proud of our game and love it

Love the game. Great graphics, better then any game of this kind. Well designed maps. Big thumbs up to the devs. Small lagging lowers the gaming experience. The only reason why I won’t play the game is energy required to move on the world map.

Great game so far, but the durability of items needs to be fixed, projectile weapons break way too fast, and it feels a little like im pushed towards spending real money to stay on top of repairs, apart from that keep up the good work

The server is too laggish! It was just only the beginning of the game and I got bit already by the Zombie while smashing it with the bat but because of it I lose already. I do really like the game but I do really agree with other players. This game is promising however still needs great improvement with its server and please fix the other bugs. Graphics is not a big deal but the game devs, must prioritize the main problem!
  • Dokole Paroli Limited
  • Thank you so much for the feedback. Fixing bugs and expanding our server coverage are most important goals for us right now. However, it can’t be done in one day. We gradually add new content while fixing technical part of the game just to not stall the development of the project. We’ll do our best to improve gameplay in the near future
Hi, I like this game. It’s like a “the last of us” phone version but in the way of “last day on earth” and I would like to suggest that it’s better to add some crafting station like loom, so that we can make rope and rags because it’s hard to find rope in the game and because of the weak server I easily die and getting stuck in the inventory. I hope in future this game will get better.
  • Dokole Paroli Limited
  • Hello! Thank you so much for the feedback. Unfortunately, the lag issue will keep on happening in the near future until we expand our server coverage. Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll note your suggestion about crafting the rope
Maybe it’s my internet or some other problem(internet works fine for everything else), but it won’t load. It just stays on the ‘Stay Alive’ logo with the loading screen and the tips, and apart from changing pictures and tips, that’s all it does. Game doesn’t even load
  • Dokole Paroli Limited
  • Hello! Please, try to redownload the game. That may help
For an unfinished game, it’s just ok. The addition of sneak kill is nice, and the fact that you can escape and try to do a sneak kill again is a good feature. The problems that I see now is that (1) the durability system is wack, everything breaks easily; (2) the controls are somewhat spotty; (3) the actions has little delays, whic makes this weird pauses where the character is just standing while everything else moves around him. It has potential to ne a good game, but needs more work
  • Dokole Paroli Limited
  • Hello! Thank you so much for the detailed feedback. The game is currently under development and many features as UI, animations and balance will be improved in the future

Have tried a few of these games before and this is one of the better ones. It’s easy to get started and crafting items is easy. Everything you need to build the beginner items can be found round your camp which is great. Attacking enemies is easy and seems well balanced.

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