The Way Home – Will Kevin and Cheese eventually escape the island

[Game] The Way Home – Pixel Roguelike

The Way Home  2021 Google Indie Game Festival Top 3

Trapped on a strange island, Kevin and Cheese struggle to return home.
Encounter other lost people and terrifying monsters lurking on the island.
Help our unfortunate duo find THE WAY HOME!

Roguelike Dungeon Crawler
Procedurally Generated Maps
Each battle has a new pattern to enjoy
Strategically combine 15 or more skills every battle!
Defeat 80 different monsters each with unique patterns.

Resource collection and construction
You can construct buildings with resources collected from dungeons and islands.
Make various buildings to make it easier to escape.

There is an ending!
Meet NPC’s and follow the story as you explore 4 islands.
Will Kevin and Cheese eventually escape the island?
The warmth of lights and shadows on a classical pixel art style is waiting for you!

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The Way Home user reviews :

Great game. There is a portion that you must either watch ads to unlock or pay. I found that watching the ads to support the developers was absolutely worth it. The only thing I would love to have is a bit more vision (i.e. zoomed out more), but that also adds to the challenge. This is a fantastic game. Highly recommend.
  • Thanks for playing and feedback :) And you can get more vision at the setting popup! Check the menu > setting > resolution > wide.
Great game, really enjoyable, but playing for a while and then coming up against a message that tells me I either need to pay $10 or, if I say no, and then wait through very slow text and ask the character again, I get blessed with the opportunity to watch apparently 20 advertisements straight. Fine to want to make money, but it’s steep, sudden, and feels very unreasonable for a mobile game. Otherwise: game is adorable, fun, and well made. At least… the part I got to play was.
  • Thanks for the feedback
Wonderful roguelite with beautifully done pixel art graphics. I also enjoy the lighting effects. I ended up buying the full game after beating the first boss. Although to me, hands down the best part has to be the main character’s name. I have a 3 1/2 year old cat, that I’ve had since the day he was born, and his name is cheese.
  • Thanks for playing :) I’m glad you like it. I haven’t seen your cat, but your cat must be cute too! All cheeses are cute
Excellent game! But it could be better if it is in LANDSCAPE MODE. I love the concept for what you have done here, it is still in development yet it opens so much potential! So much more to see! I’m liking it so far on my 5 minute gameplay and I am yet to dive deeper into it and I will. Hope you can improve this game well and develop it to an awesome roguelike game too!
  • Thank you for playing and the feedback. I’m glad you like it. As you said, my game is just started. I will continue to improve my game based on feedback.
Lol I Uninstalled this game and lost all my progress before I saw you can watch ads to play the game further. No regrets! 5 second ads between levels? Youre a Saint. I love the game so much and will use it to suggest to my friends who want to get into rouglikes and are newer to them. Such a fantastic game. Its not hard to clear to the end. But it takes focus and method. And I enjoy the journey each time. Phenomenal game! Please make another!
  • Thank you for playing and feedback! I’m glad you like it! And also there will be main update with 2 lands within a few month! And then I’ll make another good one as you said!
great game, but I had to reduce the rating. it’s already a paid game, but to advance, you gotta pay even more. they did give a option to watch ads…20 of them!!, just for 25% more game.
  • Thank you for the feedback. I’ll think more about the BM and the price.
Adorable game. But controlling and movement could use some work as it not smooth as other games I play. Him auto shooting could be your downfall in certain levels for there no control. You could also improve on the game having the skill you pick display along with the %. Honestly some skill u can pick without other one you unlocked do not flow well together.(The one mutipleshot,piercingshot and reckoned all just debuff other skill) Make Kevin to serve his master(cat) better lol.
  • Thanks for the feedback :) I’ll think more about your feedback. I also think that Kevin still doesn’t know how to serve the Master better lol.

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