Strange Case – Are you a true detective

[Game] Strange Case – The Alchemist

Strange Case  In Strange Case: The Alchemist you need to investigate the mysterious case about crime named “Alchemist”. He defiled a graves and nobody knows the reason.

Are you a true detective? Can you catch and reveal the Alchemist’s identity? Will you escape all the traps on your way?

Download this free escape game, and you’ll get:
unique creepy graphic style and atmosphere
original challenging puzzles
strange mysterious characters
no hidden fees, no registration, simply install, play and escape!
no network connection needed during gameplay

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Strange Case user reviews :

The game was real good, graphics are drawn real nice, the puzzles are entertaining and have some hidden elements. However, it seems the developer has stopped working on this game. We only have 2 chapters, then a screen with “the rest Coming Soon”. I have been waiting for a few months now. Are the other chapters still coming, or is this game abandoned?

Amazing app! Just a little glitch, when I finished chapter 2 after clicking the door to escape I turned off ghost vision by mistake, so when I tried to escape again, it didnt let me. Now im pretty sure this aint no glitch and I just skipped the ending by accident or something like that. I just felt like telling u because if its a glitch u should know but im pretty sure it isnt! The game is so good. Just like rusty lake games, I loved those but I finished them so I went and played this :) love it

It does seem this is trying a bit too hard trying to imitate Rusty Lake (the graphics almost look almost identical to Rusty Lake games) but an enjoyable experience nonetheless :) give the dev some encouragement, can’t wait for the next chapter!

Amazing game. It sucked me in. But it’s pretty short, I’ve finished it in 15 minutes or so. When will you add more levels?

Pretty great! It’s clearly inspired by Rusty Lake games, and can seem a bit derivative of the Cube Escape series. That being said, it’s great for all the reasons that those games are. It’s kinda spooky, has lovely art, and engaging puzzles. I will say that some of the puzzles don’t exactly have intuitive mechanisms, but most of them have been challenging without being pedantic. Recommended for any other Rusty Lake fans.

Just right! Had a bit of trouble in chapter 2 as one of the hints was offscreen resolution wise (the photograph) but otherwise this was excellent. The jumpscare in ch1 and what was ressurrected in ch2 were amazing. It doesn’t seem to let me replay without resetting my progress which is a shame, but looking forward to updates!

Very interesting story. I love using the ghost vision, even if it does make finding some of the things confusing due to some rooms only being accessable in one vision. One of my only complaints would be that some of the puzzles require a real stretch of the imagination to complete. This could be fixed by adding a hint/help icon for each puzzle/screen (even if you need to watch an add). Also, on the Pixel 3XL the arrows are at the very edge of the screen and can be hard to hit. Great job!!

Real cool puzzle game. A little frustrating at times but very cool regardless. Waiting for chapter 3. I paid for it and decided to give the creator 4 bucks for it. Why? Because he/she was up front and gave a choice of whatever you wanted to help him/her with. Supporting this type of gaming that does not rip you off and are up front and entertaining, worth it!

I’m giving 4 *s only because I feel like the dev could have adopted a more original art style. I agree with another reviewer, who said it was too similar to the Rusty Lake games. I thought the puzzles were conceived and executed better and were more intriguing than RL games. The general plot was more elaborated, but still vague and spooky enough to give me the creeps. I just feel like this game really could’ve been outstanding on its own merits, if the art style didn’t feel plagiarized.

Amazing game, challenging enough that I couldn’t speed through it but if I left and came back I could figure out the next step. Awesome puzzles and the switching is such a cool mechanic.

Love the game but it’s very short so far, looking forward to more levels. Wouldn’t mind a hint button so you didn’t have to look through the walk through if you get stuck.

Love game and if I could give more I would (could only donate 1.50) would love to see more of this as this is my second time playing since maybe a year ago and loved it both times. With an intriguing story, some clever puzzles and a great light/dark world mechanic that makes it more challenging, it’s worth donating for more, it’s optional so at least get more eyes on it and rate four or five. Artstyle is reminiscent of Rusty Lake but it’s an original game all it’s own. Support Devs, I want more!

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