Super Dangerous Dungeons – Run and jump your way through trap

[Game] Super Dangerous Dungeons

Super Dangerous Dungeons  Hop into a challenging platforming adventure with the little treasure hunter Timmy!

Run and jump your way through trap and puzzle filled corridors, but watch out: the rooms are full of spikes, pits, and other deadly dangers. Do you have what it takes to conquer the dangerous dungeons and reach the legendary treasure?


Over 60 challenging levels, including bosses and secret stages!
Stylish and retro pixel art graphics!
SNES inspired retro soundtrack by KungFuFurby!
Unlock achievements to prove your dungeon mastery!
Time Trial mode with leaderboards for speedrunners!

Super Dangerous Dungeons user reviews :

This is by far one of the more challenging platformers. It brings back nostalgic frustration stemming from similar titles that were released as you developed and progressed through ages. I can’t highly recommend this enough. However, only if you are used to obsessing over beating levels even when you die countless times near the end of some of the hardest ones.

I’ve played and finished all your games, this is easily the weakest. Everything after 13 is just tedious memorisation of levels and perfect execution of time-based moves. It’s not fun. I still think TDD has been your best game. I’d love to see another ability-based Metroidvania like that. Your slow thinking games like Heart Star are also wonderful.

This is a fun game. Controls are responsive. Jump feels floaty. The new ice dungeon has some very interesting ideas, as are the jungle dungeon, water dungeon, lava dungeon, golden dungeon, and sand dungeon. I have ideas for two more dungeons. The first is a wind dungeon, color is purple/pink, mechanics revolve around wind, boss is a giant bird. The other is an futuristic dungeon, color is maroon/indigo, mechanics revolve gravity, boss is a security robot. Hope these ideas will be considered.

Great graphics really like the main character from Dangerous Dungeons, matter of taste yet I prefer the exploration aspect of tiny dangerous dungeons the maze on rooms felt more like a dungeon gaining new weapons and unlockables, made it feel like a fully developed adventure game. I know I’m critical yet Adventure Island games have such potential.

I like this game. Mostly i unstall games after 2 or 3 days but i am not gonna unstall this game bcz i like this small world puzzle game. It is so intresting. Every level contains something new difficulty.

This game feels like a real game made by nentendo, or sega, or etc. It is super fun. I got stuck on the Boss level on the forth dungeon. (And am still stuck) but I’m stilp trying cause I love it

It’s the best arcade game I’ve played so far from google play. Awesome gameplay, levels, graphics, sound and music… Love this one!! Thank you Adventure Islands

its pretty good. played it a while ago too, and i like the new dungeons. this would be waaay cooler with some controller support though, but somehow the touchscreen buttons work fine.

Really solid game, it controls well and isn’t too difficult to complete. The game has quite the charm and is a good length. The gameplay elements in levels are fun to play with and the music is top notch. It also doesn’t rely on you wasting money so yeah, I highly recommend it.

This game is amazing it’s very difficult but very fun this game would be perfect if they added a custom level designer kinda like Mario maker and geometry dash

what a great game ruined by constant adds that annoy to the point of uninstalling.Really great game i was looking forward to playing killed by adds.would be a 5 star game

One of my best game.. i have finished all stages….need more stages from developer

Great game. Looking forward to more great games by adventure islands.

awsome game!  I always loved super dangerous dungeons, and I also beat tiny dangerous dungeons once. this is very cool because it takes the character from t.d.d and gives him full color, also giving new, exciting and challenging gameplay! I like this game more than the other because I enjoy platformers more than metroidvanias. I give super dangerousdungeons a 9.8/10.

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