Talking Stopwatch – Perfect for every timing situation

[App] Talking Stopwatch & Timer [Countdown/up Interval]

Talking Stopwatch  Easy to use stopwatch and timer with simple and intuitive interface.

Countdown timer, Count up timer, Interval timer, Countdown start, Speech time, Notify by voice and music, etc, are equipped with abundant functions.
The customizable UI can be changed freely, such as color, size, and font.
Perfect for every timing situation like sports, running, study, workout, meditation, cooking, game, wake up, work and so on!


Digital Stopwatch. An easy to use simple stopwatch.
Timers that can be easily set. (Count up timer, Countdown timer, Interval timer)
Lap time, Split time.
Countdown start.
Speech time. (Use google text to speech.)
Customizable UI. Color, Display size, Font (Digital LCD etc…), Button, Measuring units (1sec ~ 1ms)
Change and fix the orientation. (full screen)
Export by email or storage.
Alarm sound. (Ringtone, Music file (Mp3, Wav), Vibration, Silent notification)
Set background picture, wallpaper.
Save battery life.
Operates with little power consumption. Stopwatch measurement and timer will not be interrupted even if the terminal is shut down.
Supports Tablet and smart phone.
Timer works reliably even in the sleep state of the phone.

Useful as a kitchen timer, egg timer, tomato timer.
It can be used for tabata workout, boxing , chess, Interval training, fitness, treadmill.
Also as a countdown to Christmas, birthday, holiday and Anniversary.
You can set your favorite music and wallpaper. it your only Stopwatch Timer.

Talking Stopwatch user reviews :

If you need a stopwatch which tell you the time in vocal way then its right application. I generally use it in my exercise. It is a nice app for me.

I can do my stretches without needing to look at the clock. And appears very stable simple user interface and reliable

I am very happy with this app. It is very nice to hear a voice counting down my rest time between my reps.

Exceptional ! Almost Unique in its niche

great voiced stopwatch, costumizable.

The app is good in general, but there is no option to select the speech engine.

Quite useful and it does exactly what I need. I use it as an exercise timer.

Easy to use. I particularly like the timer.

I use this app for everything that needs timing. Love it.

Lots of functions, easy to use.

I love it. It took a minute or to to figure out how I wanted it configured for my use. But after that it was the ideal app for what I needed it for. I didn’t really notice the ads

Wonderful app for counting up time (1 minute, 2 minutes, etc). Lots of configuration options – very flexible and configurable.

what can I say.. it’s very easy to use & it’s actually helped to learn to manage my time way better & to stay on track..I honestly underestimated this app, BUT I’m so very glad I gave it a try!

Best stopwatch app Ever! Been using it for years. I highly recommend.

Great app. Very easy to use. Awesome features.

Does a great job and I love the interval timer. I’ve tried other interval timers, but they’re not stable.

Excellent application it works great and right on time

Major down side to this wonderful app is NO WIDGET. That is the only real bad thing I have seen in this app so far.

Works Great, simple design with many features.

Simple. Very straight forward. WYSIWYG.

Use this to time stretching in the morning. Works great for a repeating timer.

Excellent feature app, very useful for me. Thanks Mr. Developer. God bless you. Keep it up.

Most stop watches are always missi g the function I want: the ability to set a a start time other than zero. Admittedly I am a film critic and I would like a stop watch that helps me use lapses to count scene cuts. This is not the most common use, but the function itself (setting a stop watch to start at a time other than 0) is a very simple function and I’m sure some other people have other use cases for this

Does all I need and then some flawlessly. I have this on 3 fones. I was lucky to run across this app as I use chemicals to test the parameters of my aquarium waters.The tuming must be on the mark.And,with having it on 3 fones,I can run all important tests together and use the timers to help me stay promptly on time to evaluate the parameter readings. Thanks fir a life saving app.

Good app. But UI needs much improvement. Also layout is average. Background contains other pages of the app making reading awful. Could be great if it allows to set up multiple timers to be used on different occasions. Also if timer start automatically at specific time of the day it will be very useful. I am going to use it to get ready on time for office as I am late daily. Hence I expected above features.

This app works really well! It hasn’t ever frozen, doesn’t allow your phone screen to lock (so that you can’t see the timer) and I love that you can adjust the colour and size for better vision. It’s my go-to app for while I’m doing a workout. Thanks for the awesome app!

Awesome app. I was looking for a countdown app and tried several before finding this one. It has everything I’m looking for especially the audio interval notifications. I can get distracted and lose track of the time and what I’m working on. This app helps me stay focused and on task. Thank you to the makers of this.

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