Tasty Planet Forever – Grow bigger and bigger by eating everything

[Game] Tasty Planet Forever

Tasty Planet Forever  Play as a small cat with an insatiable hunger.

Grow bigger and bigger by eating everything in Paris. Eat rats, baguettes, people, cars, trees, buildings, and more!

When you’re finished dining on Paris, there are seven more worlds to eat:

Consume the Caribbean as an angry octopus
Save the savanna as a heroic rat
Devour the city as a big eyed bee
Reclaim the Pacific Ocean as a basking shark
Eradicate invasive species as an experimental dingo
Stop the humans as a peckish penguin
Munch on Mars as a ball of grey goo

For an extra challenge, play through the worlds again using the eight bonus characters: metal cat, moray eel, elephant, ladybug, killer whale, baby, chicken, and black hole.

This is the biggest Tasty Planet game ever. There are hundreds of different entities to eat and well over 150 levels. The scale of some of the levels is enormous; in one level you’ll grow all the way from the size of a subatomic particle to the size of the universe.

Try out split screen cooperative mode on tablets. After unlocking levels in single player you’ll be able to play them with a friend in two player coop mode.

Tasty Planet Forever user reviews :

Its kinda cool. People keep saying they saw a YouTuber play this. I dunno who played this. Somone said the name of the YouTubers channel. Never heard of it. Anyways, I hate the timer. Timers always freak me out, I dunno why. Get rid of timer. Otherwise kinda good.

I love it but it doesn’t make me put 5 stars because to get that 3 stars its either to grind/be perfect at it or you have to buy the power hats/boost and you have to have those coin things but if you dont have enough you have to spend money on it i would’ve made it 3 stars but the daily rewards give you boost so thats why i put it a soild 4 stars

Cute little game. Kinda hurts to play tho. Would be great if it wasnt on a touchscreen. Lacks a lot of the charm of actual Katamari. I also kinda have to laugh at a 50cm cat eating a human. Enjoyable. Especially if you manage to use something other then touchscreen tho.

Wasn’t fun. You just eat the same respawning creatures over and over for 5 minutes. Terrible scoring system, and if you want to play other levels you have to pretty much watch advertisements. Originals were so much better. Also, after all the levels and you reach the final level of the world, you just do all the levels combined into one. Terrible game compared to the old versions.

Pretty good, although the only reason I ever played it is because I saw a youtuber play it. At first it was fun but soon I realized “Hey wait a minute,its horrible at rating me and sets me back a bit when I move to a diffrent level.I would love it if this feature was fixed.

Good game. but needs skip levels. so take lvl7 on the first one, you then have to keep on hitting restart jUST BECUASE YOU GET GLITCHED. So, fix it.

When me and my brother Played 2-player on the past level (not bonus) Of the octopus Part We can’t eat the silver bottle caps even though we eat the exact same number of cigaretes (did’nt spell that right) IT DOESN’T WORK.. other wise..Me and my brother loved the game..

Pretty fun. I cant figure out how to get the joystick on the right-hand side so its harder to move around but its a really cool concept

The game was first alright. I was on level one was waiting so I could eat a table then I got kicked out of the level and it gave me half of one star. So I went to the next same thing. They need some major updates like new modes and no time limit and make the characters cost less

This game is fun, but when you’re done with a level, it never lets you finish eating the whole map, but if u like eating stuff well this is the perfect game for you

LOVE IT but the levels where there are certain tasks are really hard and it is difficult to get money. Apart from that 5/5

Great game. Its fun, addicting, and perfect if you are bored somewhere without internet. For example: The Bus.

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