The Grim and I – Faced with the ultimate choice

[Game] The Grim and I

The Grim and I  This is a story about dying and what it means to let go.

Faced with the ultimate choice, torn between your lost life and an unknown future, will you be able to take the Grim Reaper’s hand and pass over to the Other Side? Or will you be doomed to wander the world forever, weighed down by the chains of your past?

“The Grim and I” is a unique 155,000 word interactive novel by Thom Baylay, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

How will you react to the discovery that you are dead? When the Grim Reaper offers you a way forward, will you take it? Or are you still clinging to the world that you left behind? Begin the most important conversation of your afterlife as you take on Death in a story that will redefine the meaning of Choice; where the game reads you as much as you read it and where your greatest enemy is yourself. Challenge your instincts; fight your temptations; and embrace that most primal of fears. Choose your life, your love, your job and then make the hardest choice of all – to let it all go.

Play as male, female or non-binary; gay, straight or bisexual.
Leave your body and bear witness or try to interfere as life continues without you.
Meet, befriend and customise your own personal Grim Reaper!
Choose your perfect life, and then see if you can choose to let it all go.
Identify and overcome the unfinished business that binds you to this world. Love, fear, rage or ambition; your choices will reveal the truth!
As the chains begin to cover your body, will you be able to fight free, or will you succumb to your vices and stay haunting the world for eternity?
Forget everything you know about interactive fiction as the Grim Reaper questions your choices and challenges your motives, blurring the lines between fiction and reality.
Explore the concept of death and the ideas of loss and letting go in the company of your Grim guide.

The Grim and I user reviews :

Fairly short and sweet story meditating on death and the world left behind. More linear than most CYOA stories, but it asks questions of the player more than the player character really. It’s also much bolder and more mature in its premise than most. The novel has a quite simple message, at times a bit heavy-handed, but delivered with real heart and soul. Not everything has to be a seven-part series – this tells its story and, fittingly, doesn’t outstay its welcome. It’ll stick with you.

I absolutely was engrossed by this! As an author myself, who has used alternate endings, making my own choices was drawing me into the story. I only wish there had been one last choice I could have had at the very end. But that’s my secret! I highly recommend this to everyone!

Honestly, I loved it. No, the game isn’t free, but it states that in the very beginning. For those who are getting angry or upset over it, the authors didn’t deceive anyone. It states it clearly on the first page. About the game though. I loved it. It was sad, and it left me wanting more for my character, but that was the whole point of the book. We always want more. We’re never fully satisfied. Anyway, I recommend it if you have the dollars to spare. Loved the characters and the story

Beautiful, melancholic story. Carefully written and although I would feel bad about paying for games without graphics and more complex gameplay, I think it’s worth it to pay for a great novel. And that’s what it is, an interactive novel!

The storyline is very interesting and the choices are well thought out. I really wish I could’ve bought it. One thing I was slightly disappointed about however, was that Thanatos was not an option for the reaper’s appearance.

This game is just.. Fantastic! My first playthrough just felt so emotional and at the very end of it, I was crying. I was so sad yet happy at the struggles my character had gone through and what he accomplished. Yet at the end of it, the price was so heavy that I had tears welling up in my eyes. I’m about to start my second playthrough and I’m curious about what will happen this time.

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