Tone Sphere – Jumping through the space

[Game] Tone Sphere

Tone SphereRide and explore the spherical world of Tone Sphere!

Celebrating one million downloads, Empyreal Bon Voyage series update is here!

It’s the most cosmic rhythm action game in the world, you know.

More than 70 songs, 250+ levels and the adventure in Sphere Map are waiting for you!

This game is recommended for those who like:
Space travel!
Jumping through the space!
Emotive music!

Watch trailer at:
Official site:

Requires Android 4.0 (ICS) and 400MB or more of RAM

(c) Sta / Bit192 Labs

Tone Sphere user reviews :

There is no audio. I used to play this game all the time a long while ago, no I decided to come try it again and the audio doesn’t work at all. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (Android 7.1). Please fix it, I love this game.

Absolutely brilliant! Where the heck are these bad ratings coming from? I love the gameplay and BG, but to me the most interesting thing is the story content. I’m definitely not satisfied with the current darksphere ending, like many people (Damsel NOO!), but I am looking forward to the update in December/January!

I love this game so much. The story, the songs, and gameplay are AMAZING. Sta since I love this game so much, I suggest you change the UI into VERY 3D such as the episode selection screen and much more. Make the episode icons 3D to make other players interested. Can you make an episode where you put songs from another games as a collab?

Dunno what happened to the background music but i can’t hear it and when i start trying to play the game it start kicking me out pls do something about that i wanna playthis game

I don’t what this game thinks it’s doing but it seems to be totally lacking of any point. It’s not a rhythm game. The music just plays (and it’s bad) and you hit circles. It took forever to download and install and it was a total waste of time and MB….

Tone Sphere is one of the first mobile rhythm games we’ve ever had on smartphones and it still delivers great content. It’s really impressive for a one man project.

For a game made by one person (i assume from reading the credits), this is an impressive game that must have taken a lot of effort. However, the only complaint I have is the graphics. The notes are somewhat difficult to read, and the background doesn’t dim past 50%. Any good music game player will tell you that a non-distracting bg is important for harder levels. Also it is unclear when to let go of hold notes sometimes .

Needs a calibration setting. Its really inconvenient to reinstall the game just to set the calibration again 🙁 Edit: Wow I feel dumb. Thank you for replying and pointing it out! I usually think that the calibration is in the settings so I’ve gone there first.
  • Bit192 Labs
  • You can calibrate anytime! There is the calibration icon at the end of songwheel for each ep.

This is kinda a fun game. I mean, it lasts for a while, but not long. Should you download it? Depends on your personality. If you like the music games like beat Saber & Just shapes and beats, then yes. If you don’t, then I recommend not to download this game.

the game is good and music rocks! the only one thing that destroys the gameplay experience is the touch response. The notes sometimes does not respond to my taps and i have to long tap every notes to make sure i did not miss them but i do get only good not perfect score since the touch delays when i hold the tap buttons. I am sure it is not a problem for my phone since i got 8 other rythm games in my apps(dont judge me, im addicted to rythm games). please fix this and ill give a 5 star

woW, this game is SOOOOO satisfying. this is Art&Music to me,Please add an “Make Level” Button 😉 I love the Geometric shapes and patterns that Sta made, The Level arts Are so Interesting and beautiful that it will make You Question it…(I love new levels)

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