Turbo Alarm Clock – Get out of the bed easier

[App] Turbo Alarm Clock – The Ultimate Alarm Clock

Turbo Alarm Clock  Turbo Alarm is the most complete and advanced alarm clock available.

It has anything you need to get out of the bed easier. Perfect for both heavy sleepers and early birds. Elegant material design, simple, reliable, lets you play your own music and ads free!


Night clock – with do not disturb mode with screen dimming
Beautiful Widgets – a simple clock, next alarm…
Stopwatch and timers
Google assistant, Sleepbot, Tasker and Macrodroid integration
Cloud – backup your alarms, and control them from any of your devices
Lean Material Design – with unique animations


Music playlist – set a folder with songs or your music playlists as tone to have a different music alarm clock every day!
Skip any day of the week – long press a day to skip it and you will never forget to reactivate the alarm again.
Modify the next one – going to bed late? Add some minutes to the next alarm to have some extra sleeping time.
Repetitive alarm – prescription drugs? Set an automatic reminder every hour
Anti-sleepyhead mode – is the sleep too deep to stop the alarm? This LOUD tone will wake you up no matter what
Security Alarm – the alarm clock will ring very loud again if you don’t leave the house on time!
Mini games – graphic and numeric missions to give you a morning challenge when dismissing.


Incremental volume – wake up gently with the increasing volume adapted for you.  Don’t interrupt your sleeping cycles again with loud sounds!
Smart vibration – set your alarm clock with relaxed, normal and fast vibrations
Weather forecast – check it when you set an alarm to prepare for the day!
Snoozing – Decreasing intervals and limit the number of snoozes times.
Dismissing or snoozing creative options – switch on the room lights, shake, draw a shape, slide, touch, press… It’s up to you!
Talking alarm – tells you the time, weather…
Simulate the sunrise – light up your bedroom with your favorite color.
Customizable background image – choose your favorite or daily ones with Bing or our favorite Unsplash selection
Supports the latest android versions!


Most of Turbo Alarm’s features are free and ad free. We added some extra things that support our hard work and cover some of the expenses. Here are a few:
Unlimited timers
Multi-device support – control your wake up from any of your devices
Unsplash wallpapers
More music alarm clock options


Taste your new wake up with the best music alarm clock!

Turbo Alarm Clock user reviews :

Excellent alarm app. Lots of options. The snooze options are great. I wish they had a way to show the alarm icon on the top of the notification area (like Samsung alarm does) so I can be sure that the alarm is set just by looking at the phone. I would also like to have the option to have my songs play in sequence and have it remember where it left off for the next alarm.

Features of higher priced alarms. Never had a problem after a year of use. Only problem I see is with the talking alarm instead of saying 74 degrees it says 74 grade at least that’s what I hear. Edit: After hearing from dev, I’m changing my review to a 5 star rating. I’m leaving the original review there so people can see my original review. Just so you know, I have 5 alarms set to get me up in the morning. I don’t like using snooze, I had a couple alarms that the snooze didn’t work the way it was supposed to, instead of coming back in in 5 minutes it would be 2 hours, and I was late for work. But my alarms are set 2 minutes apart, as I wake up (sort of) and turn the alarm off, and go back to sleep. Its a lot of trouble, but it works. Edit 2: I had a situation last night, where I accidently deleted an alarm. So I was wondering if there is a way to mark an alarm as “Protected”, which would prevent the alarm from being changed or deleted, without a pin #, or clicking “Unprotect” or something just to prevent unintended changes? Thanks to the dev, they have made a great app, probably one of the most useful alarms. They are quick to respond to any comments, and all that is refreshing. But a “Contact Dev” button within the app would be nice, unless I just over looked it. btw: I wouldn’t mind doing a one time fee to get an upgraded app, although I don’t really want any of the Pro add-ons, I wouldn’t mind supporting the dev, but I just can’t see paying a yearly fee. Let me know if you like this idea. Thanks again
  • Francisco Javier Castaño Gómez
  • Edit: It is a nice feature having protected alarms to avoid disabling or deleting them, thanks for the feedback. I am glad you want to give some support to the app but I don’t understand well the way you suggest (please can you contact me by email djlargo50[at]gmail.com to explain that to me? I am not allowed to write more than 350 characters here)

Contact developer :


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