Turbo Stars – Hop on your skateboard

[Game] Turbo Stars – Rival Racing

Turbo Stars  Do you think you have what it takes to be a Turbo Star?

Then hop on your skateboard and speed down the track in this wild and fast-paced racing game!


Zoom through a wide variety of exhilarating tracks and defeat your opponents in a competitive skateboarding game that puts a fresh spin on the karting genre. The short tracks and rapid pace means that every move you make counts! Will you be the first racer to cross the finish line, or will you crash into a revolving wall and allow your rivals to get ahead of you?

Watch out: you’ll need more than just high velocity to succeed! While you’re racing, you’ll have to think fast to pick up items that will help you gain an advantage — or even pick up and throw your competitors if they get too close to you! Just make sure to dodge quickly enough to avoid any obstacles that will slow you down.

Don’t forget to snatch coins and keys to unlock a whole bunch of awesome items, including power-ups, new objects to ride on, and gear for your character. You can even perform impressive tricks during jumps to score some extra coins! Or take it to the next level and defy gravity in tunnels by doing loop-the-loops or riding upside-down on the ceiling!


Win first place to unlock the next track, earn rubies, and wear the crown. Compete against up to 11 opponents.

While racing, collect coins and keys to get access to new stuff. You can launch yourself into the air on the edges of pipes or over ramps to perform wild tricks for an extra boost of coins — not to mention speed!

Grab helpful items that can give you the upper hand over your rivals like in traditional karting games. Snatch a protective ring of spinning swords, a magnet that attracts coins, or a bolt of lightning that strikes the track. Plus, toss your opponents in the air to get ahead!

As you level-up, you can increase your overall speed, coin bonuses, and starting boost to maintain the edge over your rivals. Don’t miss opportunities to play the bonus mini-game, where you can open treasure chests to find the best reward!

Save up coins and rubies and earn rewards. Get new skateboards and other objects to ride on, like hoverboards, rocket packs, scooters, unicycles, 🛼 roller skates, beach balls, and more.

Customize your character with plenty of cool skins, emotes, and tricks! Choose looks and accessories to match your skate style.

Enjoy fun sound effects and wacky graphics with colorful race tracks and beautiful backgrounds.

Are you feeling bored? Then jump on a board! Download Turbo Stars and start racing right now!

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Turbo Stars user reviews :

I am a kid and I personally think that this game is epic although there are a lot of adds it still seems greatly thought through. The game has a lot of things that u can customize and good maps to. I love this game! U should try it out to. Also say this review was helpful down the bottom

Really good game, movements are a bit dodgy tho. It’s a bit hard to move round. Other than that, good game! I would totally recommend!

I played this before and its freaking awesome I love the graphics all the things you can unlock and all the good races!. It’s pretty awesome, I love it

IT IS better than my other racing games but one of them still downloads the game( not from the play store i meant in the game) :) but they are fun and enjoyable and entertaining, so I would think that i would download them again.

I love this it has very nice maps and I love this game so much but I have gave four stars because in this game there is an word hunt there are words on the track we have to collect words I have collect all words but there is an gift it is an hoverboard when I collect all words it says claim your reward when I claim it Says you have got it but when I go to shop to use but it shows that I have no hoverboard it makes me so disappoint but overall this game is you have to fix this problem

An amazing game I play it every day the controls were easy to master and graphics are great the rewards you get from chests are pretty dang cool no complaints here

I love this game I been playing for a long time now it is so fun but the reason I did not give it 5 stars is bc it has to many adds but it it still super fun I recommend you to download it and try it out

It’s a fun racing game. Really fun experience playing this game. But the race’s ar short. That’s the only problem.

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