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[App] Weight Loss Coach – Reduce Body Fat & Lose Weight

Weight Loss Coach

  Lose weight easily!

Just stick with the program, you will lose weight and your body will be more beautiful than ever before.


 Weight Loss Coach that’s powered by Artificial Intelligence.
Guaranteed Weight Loss in 35 days or less. (Up to 5 Kgs or 12 Pounds)
Motivational Daily Tips to help you get rid of Obesity.
Built-in Weight Tracker to track your progress.
Personal Dietitian and Diet Coach.
Built-in shopping list
Track your weight loss progress in graphs.
Supports both Kilogram & Pounds.Looking for the Best App to Lose Weight?
Need a weight loss app? Want to lose weight fast? Want to reduce fat? Not satisfied weight loss apps that provide the same plan for everyone? Don’t worry. Here is the best weight loss app to help you lose weight fast. You can track your weight loss progress in graphs.
This weight loss app is free and designed by experts, you can lose weight safe and fast with our weight loss plan.Is it safe?
Yes! We tested on 70 Obese and 25 Overweight people around the World. Around 70% of them have lost over 5 Kgs or 12 Pounds and 20% have lost over 7 Kgs or 15 Pounds in 6 Weeks. The program is 100% safe. It will help you lose weight in less than 35 days!Am I Obese?
Obesity occurs when a person’s body mass index is 30 or greater. The excessive body fat increases the risk of serious health problems.Does it guarantee Weight Loss?
Yes. Based on our test results, we can guarantee that you will lose weight.

◎ This diet app is only for losing weight. Not for gaining weight.
◎ If you are pregnant or you have any health issues, kindly consult your doctor before starting this program.

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Weight Loss Coach user reviews :

Good app but I could not understand that meal plans are offering two options to chose one of them or offers both of them at the same meal. They have checkboxes by them but. Am I supposed to have two of them or choose one of them?

Not easy at all for me as bigginer… And my wieght too is pulling me back for some of the exercises…In Shaa ALLAH I would get used to it through constant training. Am biggining to love this app

It’s a great app for following up your meal properly and excercise. I am using it daily and it’s very useful and effective.

Edit (to reply to dev): Resetting the diet plan isn’t giving you the option to plan ahead, it puts the moment you reset as day 1 of week 1. The option to put in a new starting date is missing. You can only get to choose the starting date if you delete the app data completely.
  • Hi, Thanks for your feedback. We recommend that you start the diet after 1-2 days after installing the app. This gives you time for shopping and preparation. If you’ve already started the plan by mistake, you can reset the progress and start again afresh.

The app is great that it provides readymade diet charts and fitness programs. But it’s plans aren’t relevant to our Indian diet. So planning accordingly at times becomes difficult. Also, the portions planned are too small.

Its pretty nice…. I actually lost 18 kgs in 1 month and now I am totally fit and fine and I am able to wear all the clothes that I wanted to wear. It truly motivated me and now I feel lot more confident about my self than before

Great if you enjoy not doing all the thinking. Helps me plan my food and set reminders which helps me tackle my eating disorder. There’s no vegan option which is disappointing, but I just write my vegan alternative in the notes. The basic app is more than good enough and I don’t find the ads too annoying. There are extras you can add to the app if you want to pimp it out a bit more.

I wish I could rate higher! This app is every other app but COMPLETLY free! It’s personalized and the results are amazing! I’ve been using the app from about a month! They are so modivational andI just loved the app!

Great app… Offers so many things for free… Lots if similar app will only provide a free trial… Or just some free feature, and you have ti pay for the rest, even if they are marketed as free… This app is thebbest free app i ever tried… Or at least the most complete one, complete meal plans, shopping lists, exercise…. The only thing i can suggest is adding a notification sistem…. So you can get notified in, the morning to start the routine

The app si very good so far, I only started the plan for 4 days so I can’t say that I’ve lost weight yet, but my gut feels a lot better, no bloating, wich is one of my goals, but I do feel that the breakfast should be a little bit more then it is ,because you need energy for the rest of the day and toast and tomatos won’t cut it. Plus the dinner should most of the time be more light that it is. But I do apreciate the effort put in this app and that the fact that the meals are very easy to make.

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