Westward M – Challenge brand new Boss with your friends

[Game] Westward M – Cross-Server War

Westward M  New Gameplay:

Cross-Server War – You can challenge and PVP with other players in different servers now.
Golden Heroes – The fairy of flowers [Su Yi], The ancestor of Asura [White Fang], One of the Ancient God Eight Tribes

King Yasha.
Outland event – Exchange the Golden Heroes and Exclusive Artifact.
Cross-server Boss – Challenge brand new Boss with your friends.
Formation System – Use different formations to deal with different types of enemies.
Ancient Battlefield – Get items to upgrade the formation here.
Assist Gear – Heroes in aid are able to equip the gears now.
Ability Gallery – Collect the abilities and activate the gallery.

This is an RPG mobile game authorized by the Hong Kong comic [Westward].
Brand new original story, subvert your understanding of “Journey to the West”.
Tang Sanzang became a fighter, [Scriptures] turned out to be a young girl, long hair Buddha, and a powerful Guanyin. This time, Tang Sanzang and his disciples no longer “Collect scriptures” for the people, but set foot on the “Road of returning scriptures”. That’s the “Journey to the West” you never before! Get start now!

Game Feature
West Journey All Roles Included
Sun Wukong, Nyorai, Er Lang God, Nezha, Ox King, Senior Moral and so on. All the roles in Journey to the West are all included, come to collect them!

Winning Buddha Debut
God of War Sun Wukong and 100+ gods and demons of Journey to the West get in the battle and cooperate with each other for more tactic gameplay. Hero Bonding, Skill Combo, Exclusive Gear, Beast Capture, Lineup Restraint and unique Merge Skill can reverse the situation in crucial moment and dominate the three realms.

Immersive Experience
With the animation and comics, classic story + original story, you can witness all familiar popular roles with a brand new leading character. Chapters will gradually bring you to a new journey to the west.

Diversified PVP Gameplay
Create brand new Guild and lead Guild Members to conquer lands and plunder resources. Hot-blooded battle is on the verge of breaking out, and the legendary Guild will be born. Experience cross-server competitions and multi-server battles, use strategy to dominate the whole server.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/westwardm

Westward M user reviews :

Cannot login since 7/2/2021. Log out and login back the login button no repond as well….but the reminder keep send to ask you to play.

Bug is getting worse and worse.. And Now I cant even login using my member account.. The dev are killing their own game..

Very unhappy with the nerf of our dmg to 50%. We have invested money in this game and this is what we get. They just change it with player knowledge

Fix decrease cp/ atk bugs, why am i all of a sudden doing 50% dmg to guild boss ? What is the point of playing this game if one update u screw everything i work/pay for ?

Good nice love playing it cause nice combo and fighting style. But support team not very suppotive

The latest update decrease my points in Guild Boss eventhough i keep increase my power through my gear, ability, skill & level. Very dissappointing…

Fantasic game absolutely womderful i cant fimd anything i dont like been playing a few days now and i have to say its fun so developer keep it up awesome game 10/10

Why i cannot log into with my previous account? And after log in it when to new account? How to retrieve back?

Another unskipable never ending useless tutorial. Games like this has been out for 10 yrs and still works the same way, we get it, put a skip babysitting button somewhere. The view during fight is counterproductive, you made beautiful models and we are stuck with a plain view of their back like in a cards game in 2005. If you can get past that I’m sure it’s a great game with very nice combo animation.

This game has good graphic and gameplay.. But, this latest update is very disappointing.. In other games, P2W players will get a lot of benefit, in this latest update, you will get the opposite.. the more you top up, the more your combat power get reduced, even some F2P player doesnt get their power reduced.. So IMO, this game is very friendly for F2P player..

The developer doesn’t admit & brush u off saying it’s display issues while it’s actually ingame issues. Full of unexpected bug, untill u encounter it then u will know how bad & greedy tis game is. Strongly not recommended if u are not prepare to p2w or ready to face bugs or unprofessional customer service whom will shift the blame away.

Its good has some bugs but i enjoy it…edit- had to drop it to 1 star because the connection stability is just horrible…i have great wifi and it still tells me to re connect every minute and i cant play at this point….and for the people saying let me control my units lol you obviously never played idle games before

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