Words Catcher – Help the Catcher to restore justice

[Game] Words Catcher Fillwords: find the words


The Words Catcher is very wise – he knows many secrets. But evil magic made him forget them. Help the Catcher to restore justice! Collect words from his mysterious stories so that he calls them to memory and reveals them to you.


You’ll see a square box filled with letters. Search for words and highlight them by swiping your finger across the screen like in classic fillwords and Hungarian crosswords
Your task is to find all the hidden words and keywords for the Catcher
Find the words that have not been planned and get shiny gold coins for your efforts
Do not worry if you can’t find a word. You can always count on the tips – your faithful companions for finding words
Once you’ve collected all the keywords, the Words Catcher will reveal the secret to you.


An original idea
Unexpectedly curious secrets of the Words Catcher
Over 1000 interesting levels
You may play offline
Fillwords is the game loved by millions
Battle of the day. A time-limited game that gives you a chance to become the best among the Word Lovers
Have fun and provide benefits for your mind

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Words Catcher user reviews :

I really like this game so far. But I started having lag issues. I tried reinstalling, but that only reset my progress. No cloud save? Even left it on my internal rather moving it to SD card, no deal. Checked for low graphics setting to see if that might help. But there wasn’t one. The store page doesn’t mention the app may not work with my device, so I’m not sure the issue.

One of my favourite games! English isn’t my native language and this games helps me improve my intuition

App keeps stopping before opening. Real frustrating because I paid for a free-advertising game First I give it 5 stars, but now only 1 A pity & a waste! Gonna uninstall it Bye!
  • Uga Dooga
  • Hi, Dan! We’re trying to fix it and it’d be really helpful if you send us more details about the problem. When it started? Maybe you saw any errors on the screen? How often does the game stop? Also we want to make a refund for your purchase. Send the ID that you’ve got on your email from GooglePlay after purchase. Answer here support[at]ugadooga.com

I enjoy playing this game occasionally,,but sometimes i forget how to continue on to the next board after the silly little sayings after each completed game..thats my only complaint. I wish you would have something that showe me how to continue on….

This is a really enjoyable word find/puzzle game. Not too many ads and fun facts as a reward at the end of each level cluster. Really fantastic.

It really is different from all the others. Challenging. Saves my place in the game. I look for word games all the time and this one is the best I’ve tried in a long time. Great job! I look forward to new apps you will be developing.
  • Uga Dooga
  • Thank you so much!

Nice design, but gameplay is too easy. The hidden words are always the same, though the fact in the end of each level are curious

I love this game but it now shuts down all the time. I left the Beta program, uninstalled the Beta & reinstalled the public version and it’s still shutting down. Cannot play at all anymore.

Five enthusiastic stars. Great game, great twist on the word games. Also, lemme give yall five MORE stars after playing for a solid week and not being asked to RATE your game every five seconds. Other gamers could learn from you….word catcher is my favorite game.

My favorite game. It really makes you think. Letters for the words are frequently not in a straight pattern, but can have multiple twists to click all the letters.

Nice relaxing and unique word game where the ads are not as bad as other games I’ve played. Would definitely recommend!

Reached out to developer no response! Deleted app due to constant crashing! Did have a 4 star review because I like the game only occasional crashing if app gets fixed will give 5 stars!

Please make more! I really like this game , it’s so much fun , relaxing, and most of all in makes you think, also the story is fun to read! This game I really enjoy!

An amazing game without ads every minute. I play a lot of word games but this is one of my favourites.

A really different style of word game. And it is a very amazing game! Im looking for another unique style of word game? Thats why word catcher deserves a five!
  • Uga Dooga
  • Thanks for your feedback!

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