World Without Light – Your decisions influence the course of the story

[Game] World Without Light

World Without Light  In a world in which sunlight is a relic of the past, young Claire tries to escape a nightmare of madness and darkness as a lonely survivor.

This proves to be a deadly challenge, because this pitch-black world is now populated by other beings who are constantly searching for survivors of this disaster.

World Without Light is an interactive horror text adventure in which your decisions influence the course of the story. In this illustrated game book, you will try to find a way out of the dark apocalypse together with other protagonists.
Will you survive in the dark? What horrible creatures inhabit the new world? And what secrets are hidden in the pages of this interactive story?
Immerse yourself in a survival game where death lurks around every corner. Face the challenge.

World Without Light is divided into several episodes. The first episode is available for free and playable without ads.

Other game contents:

No advertising!
Balance hit points and your mental health to reach your goal alive.
Hand-drawn illustrations accompany the story
Find the over 40 achievements included in the game
Fully available in English and German
Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.
Based on the classic game book principle.

Additional features:
Adapt the text to your wishes. The whole adventure is available in adjustable text size.
Fully playable offline, no internet connection required.
Compatible with Android TalkBack and accessibility tools

About NeoNovel Games:
NeoNovel Games offers a series of interactive text adventure games for your smartphone and tablet. Your digital game book for the road.

World Without Light user reviews :

Love the story but your last update was right before the plague and there haven’t been any updates since! If someone starts continuing the story will rate 5 stars until then 4.

I love this game! I love visual novels, and branching story paths! I see a lot of complaints that you have to purchase the second (and probably following) episodes, but it was less than 2 dollars. So not that big of a deal. My only complaint is how short the chapters are. The replay ability factor is nice, but I still wish there was more to each chapter. I CANNOT wait for chapter 3 to come out!

The visuals are nice and moody, fitting the atmosphere perfectly. Just a couple of things the game is missing: 1. There should be visuals for each character you come across but there isn’t. This would have been nice instead of having to rely on brief descriptions. 2. There is no background noise, or ambience to set the atmosphere. Overall, a good experience so far (this is based off of just the first chapter).

Only the first chapter is free and honestly even after getting most achievements for it I didn’t feel like buying further chapters was worth it. Yeah there are winding paths and all that but they don’t add much to the story itself, at best get you more loot. The setting doesn’t make sense as in just two weeks only places reliant on solar energy would suffer, maybe it’s explained further on, but I couldn’t be bothered to find out. To avoid spoilers: should add an option to leave the revolver.

Loved chapter one, though a few notes. We don’t really get much of a background, though that might be because its only chapter one, and the characters aren’t described in too much detail. I’d love to be able to picture the other characters. Overall, solid story, though itd be nice to be able to watch ads for chapter 2 instead of buying it.

A nifty concept for a text adventure, but only Chapter 1 is free. You need to pay for additional chapters, and the chapters are super short. The game also doesn’t look like it advances past chapter 3. So basically, not worthwhile.
  • NeoNovel Games
  • Every chapter has different options and areas to discover. If you play the chapter again, try a different path to see all content. Courage will be rewarded, find secrets and items and take these into the next chapter. We also plan more chapters than only three, sorry if the menu is a bit misleading in this point. Your NeoNovel team.

I’m really liking this story. I just finished the first episode and usually I can easily take a break from these, but the story is very interesting and immersive.

Awesomly spooky! Dont be afraid of the dark. Only whats in it!! Untill you are told you have to pay. Sorry i have no money to spare. Wish i had never started it. I misunderstood and belived that i wold need to watch ads after the first chapter. Would have been very happy to do so.

Not a bad start, some story errors like having a knife when you didn’t take the knife. But not to bad overall

Immersive story and great atmosphere

If I pay for chapter two, would I have to pay again for three? I’m guessing one purchase doesn’t grant access to everything. When will chapter three be out?
  • NeoNovel Games
  • Thanks for your review! At the moment every chapter needs to bought separately. We also plan some kind of a bundle in the future, but we need a few more chapters for this. We are currently working on chapter 3 so stayed tuned. You can follow us on Twitter on Facebook to get updated about the progress. And yes, it will be scary as hell!

Amazing story so far. can’t wait for episode 3!

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