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Albion Online  The game features a player-driven economy where nearly every item is player-crafted.

Combine armor pieces and weapons suited to your playstyle in a unique, classless “you are what you wear” system. Explore the world, take on other adventurers in thrilling battles, conquer territories, and build a home.

CROSS-PLATFORM PLAY: Albion Online is a true cross-platform MMO experience. Whether you prefer PC or mobile, one account lets you play on all platforms, with all players on a single shared server.

PLAYER-DRIVEN ECONOMY: From basic tools and clothes to mighty armors and powerful weapons, nearly every item in the game is crafted by players, in player-constructed buildings, from resources gathered by players. Buy, sell, and trade at local marketplaces all across the world of Albion. Craft rare and powerful items, then sell them to the highest bidder and grow your fortune.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR: In Albion Online’s classless combat system, the weapons and armor you use define your skills, and switching playstyles is as easy as switching gear. Test out new equipment anytime and change up your weapons, armor, and mounts to suit any situation. Hone your character’s skills by crafting new items, or by simply using your favorite equipment.

PREPARE TO FIGHT: Test yourself against other adventurers in high-risk, high-reward full-loot fights. From solo to small-group to large-scale battles, you’ll need strategy, tactics, and skill to prevail. Level your combat specializations, create unique builds with complementary skills, and use every tool at your disposal to emerge victorious. Enter the Crystal Realm and fight 5v5 or 20v20 battles for massive rewards.

CONQUER THE WORLD: Join a guild and carve out your own piece of Albion in massive open-world battles. Claim territories for access to incredible resources, construct guild halls, build Hideouts, and track your progress against other guilds worldwide on the leaderboards. Join a City Faction, climb the ranks, and take part in continent-wide Faction Campaigns.

PUT DOWN ROOTS: Claim a city plot or private island and make it your own. Grow crops to sell or make into food, raise your own livestock and mounts, and build crafting stations for private or public use. Stock your house with custom furniture, trophies, and chests to store your growing collection of loot. Hire and train laborers to keep everything at your homestead running smoothly.

FACE DEADLY FOES: From small scouting bands to massive bosses, the inhabitants of Albion’s open world await your challenge. Take on six different factions, each with unique enemies that require their own strategies. Partake in solo or group Expeditions, or seek out the ultimate thrill by facing demons and other players alike in Hellgates and Corrupted Dungeons.

EXPLORE A VAST WORLD: Explore five vivid biomes, where you can gather raw materials for crafting or cast a line into Albion’s waters to catch fish. Seek out solo and group dungeons with powerful foes and lucrative rewards. Enter the mystical Roads of Avalon to discover ever-changing paths between distant zones.

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Albion Online user reviews :

Incredible MMO RPG that is not only capable of really drawing players into the action between arena and faction battles, but also allows for relaxing gameplay at the same time with varying activities. Its classless system is amazing for allowing a variety of experiences WITHOUT needing to respec points in a talent system or creating a new character entirely. I highly recommend this game for anyone whether they actively participate in guild affairs or only occasionally partake in some farming.

The game is amazing! I don’t know if this is correct, but it’s like the world of Albion was created by true gamers. Albion Online is very unique, it stands out just as much as Runescape. The reason I say it was made by gamers is because it is probably 100% f2p. Sure you can pay for stuff but you can also not pay by using the ingame currency, silver. You can even exchange gold for silver and vice versa. Please just fix the constant lag!

My only gripe with the game is inside dungeons, there is a 10 second cd upon entering, and when you get to the next floor, making speed runs weird, and also the 10 second after switching a skill. Seems too long for my taste. Otherwise it is a fantastic game! if you do decide to play, definitely check out the faction content, and dont sweat the corrupted dungeons, they’re less intimidating than you’d think

It’s something new to mobile since it has cross platform with the PC which is amazing. but what sets this apart is old and new rpg players can learn and play together in one big open world around the world. You can be anything you wanted from miner , farmer to fighter. With 3 classes which later turns to a bigger and more plethora of playstyle which you will love. -1 star its because for new players it’s something very hard to learn. Even with some guidance.

At first, I was skeptical. The game seemed kind of cartoonish; however, playing more, there’s so much depth, so many options, and there is NO P2W WALL. You can go at it solo (you get paired with others through queues if you want), you can join groups, get in a guild for more support, etc. The game has something for everyone; you can just spend time crafting, or questing. There’s player housing, and you can create your own private oasis, complete with farms, etc. It’s simply amazing!!!
  • Sandbox Interactive GmbH
  • Hi there, thank you for your feedback! We are glad to hear that you like the game :) It is important for us that Albion is not p2w and everyone has a chance at playing with the veterans. – Albion Online Community Team

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