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AppNotifier  AppNotifier restores Google Play’s missing app update & app install notifications.

Unhappy with Google’s removal of the Play Store’s app update notifications? Wish you had them back? Don’t worry, AppNotifier’s got you covered.

Show a notification each time an app is newly installed, or updated, on your device
Choose whether notifications are shown for apps from Google Play, or sideloaded apps


The app does not detect when apps are in the middle of installing, so there will be a short delay between when an app downloads and when the install or update notifications appear.
Notifications are generated using data from the apps on your device, not the Play Store itself. So if an app’s name differs between the Play Store listing and the actual app on your device, the latter will be used.

NOTE: There are certain situations where the Play Store will still show an app installation notification, such as when installing an app remotely via the Google Play website. To avoid duplicate notifications, you may want to disable the Play Store’s notification channel for “Updated apps” inside the Android system settings.

AppNotifier user reviews :

Thank you for this. Everyone seems hung up on app updates, but I just wanted notifications for new installations brought back. This accomplished that. One suggestion I have is the option to open the notification to the Play store page for that app instead of the app itself. If I’m remembering correctly, that’s how the Play store notifications worked, though it’s been so long now I may be misremembering…

Let’s face it – Google makes silly decisions at times. Removing app installed/updated notifications was one of them. This app restores that in a way you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. And it’s easy to use! Just fire it once and whitelist it from your battery optimisations, and done! Great app, 100% recommended.

I love this app. Has more features and protection then all the other security apps I’ve tried. I’ve lost 5 cell phones from hacking. They are cloning my cell so it’s difficult for a security app to defect that type of hacking. Due to its great features. I was sent a notification that I had given google the ok to use quick notes and they did get in again for a moment . All the other security apps never did that. So I finally have a piece of mind , it’s been 2 years of hell. I highly recommend .

Great and useful app. However, there is a bug in the app: The app doesn’t work (no notification will be shown) after updating pre-installed/system apps from Play Store. For example after updating Android System WebView, which is pre-installed on my device (Nokia 3, Android 9), no notification will be shown. Please fix. Thanks.

Updated: I don’t know if the fault lies with my phone, Samsung’s variety of Android, or the app, but in recent weeks this app rarely notifies me that apps have been updated. I hope the developer hasn’t abandoned it. Old review: Great app. Restores a functionality that should never have been removed.

I wasn’t happy when Google disabled the app update notifications, but thanks to this app, it brings them back. I will say that you might have to exempt this app from any battery optimization in your setting to ensure the app is always running in the background.

Brings back much needed functionality of the “Android Experience” as a result of unfortunate recent changes within the Play Store. The app is clean, simple, ad-free, open-source, and executes its created purpose beautifully. Thank you!

Works on my Pixel 4 but not my other devices for some reason, even with battery optimisation ignored. Edit: the problem was I turned off all notifications after getting the foreground service one after installation. All fixed now!

Works like a charm. Took a little playing around to get rid of the static drawer notification, but figured it out. Thanks for taking the time to bring this feature back to my device.

Thanks for this. Google removed a very useful feature so I’m extremely happy you brought it back, cheers. P.S. Idk if it’s possible but I’d would be extremely cool if you could add the old notification icons, like the old play store or even android market. Idk if it’s possible, just thought I’d ask.

Works perfectly on my Pixel 5 (and my OnePlus 6 before that). I would love it if you could choose which apps to be notified about since I don’t really care about the updates to many of them.

A must have one! Thank you! [Edit] Got a firmware update to Android 10 & though I performed a clean new installation , it stopped working. It requested NO permissions upon the installation process.

Does exactly what it claims. Simple unobtrusive and just works, letting me know about updates installed so I can check details if I wish to.

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