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aScanner  aScanner is a document scanner app which offers high-quality scans in seconds.

aScanner is a handy app that works as a PDF creator, PDF scanner, OCR scanner, QR and Barcode scanner. Also, you can use this app to view PDF.

What Makes aScanner Stand-Out?

aScanner is here to cater to almost every scanning need and help you keep a digital copy of your documents.
aScanner comes equipped with state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition technology which lets it works as an intuitive image to text converter.
aScanner is a PDF creator and scanner that generates results in a blink of an eye without compromising on the quality.
Safeguard your all files with this document scanner app and perform multiple operations with anti-counterfeit, adding a signature, batch scanning, etc.

Key Features Of aScanner
a) Doc Scanner: Witness how aScanner generates High-Quality scans in no time.
Please Note: Permissions will be needed to scan and store i.e. Storage(read & write) & Camera.
b) Batch Scan:You can scan multiple documents at once with aScanner.
c) Image To Text Converter: This cam scanner app comes equipped with a robust image to text converter and supports over 50 global languages. With aScanner you can also translate the recognized text in multiple languages with a single tap.
d) Added Paid Features:
1. Unlimited OCR credits
2. ads-free operations: Use aScannner with no interruptions.
3. watermark-free scans: No watermark when you scan images or documents.
4. ability to add a signature: Scan your signature and add it to any image or PDF document.
5. add anti-counterfeit: Add custom watermark on you PDF documents.
6. add password to PDF documents: Protect your important PDF documents with a password.
and much more with the annual premium plan.
e) Image To PDF Converter: aScanner is a consistent document scanning app that generates PDFs, turning your documents into professional PDFs.
f) QR/Barcode Scanner: With aScanner you can scan both QR and Bar codes from right within the app.
g) Exceptional Filters: This doc scanner app offers impressive filters
Magic color: For vibrant color effects on your scanned document
Grayscale: Give a formal look to your scanned document
Black & White 1 & 2: Turn your documents into the timeless black and white document
h) PDF Creator & Scanner: Take a photo or choose one from your album to turn into professional PDF scans.
i) Compressed PDF Size: With aScanner, you get the ability to create PDF documents in different sizes without any hassle. You can create PDF in sizes:
A3 (297 X 420 mm)
A4(default-document size)
A5 (148 X 210 mm)
j) Camera Scanner: Use your device’s camera to any scan documents. It is as easy as clicking a photo, the rest will be taken care of by aScanner for you.
k) Image Scanner: Have an image that you want to scan? Look no further, aScanner is an intuitive image scanning app which scans images with utmost precision.
l) PDF Viewer: View all of your created PDF documents at one place

Some value-added features of this Doc Scanner App:
1. Search: Search bar to locate any documents easily.
2. Edge Detection: aScanner detects the edges of the document for easy scanning.
3.Categories As You Want: Sort out documents by Names or Modification Time.
4. Easy Conversions: Convert your saved Jpeg files to PDF document format.

Get quick and accurate scans with this document scanner app.

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aScanner user reviews :

This app is absolutely wonderful! Simple, fast and efficient. I have tried many document scanner apps but I finally got the one I was looking for. I would highly recommend this app to everyone who is looking for a good scanning app
  • AdCounty Apps
  • Thank you very much for your 5-star review!!! Any suggestions are welcome
I have just downloaded it so far looks good and there is no doubt to say that it is one of the best doc scanner app in india which offering free pdf creator and ocr feature. Thanks to developers.
  • AdCounty Apps
  • Thanks for the amazing review. We are really glad to read you enjoy using our doc scanner app.
Please improve accessibility of this app so visually impaired and blind can use scanning feature with screen reader in this app
  • AdCounty Apps
  • Hello Hamid, thank you for your suggestion. We assure you that we take user feedback very seriously and would forward this to our developer team for a resolution. In case you have any other recommendations, please do not hesitate to write to us at support[at]

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