Baby Panda Summer Vacation – Your awesome vacation is about to start

[Game] Baby Panda Summer Vacation

Baby Panda Summer Vacation  Summer vacation is finally here, and for kids thinking of where to plan summer vacation getaway, Babybus brings a gorgeous vacation resort for you to soak up the sun and sip a cool drink. Let’s go! Your awesome vacation is about to start! Enjoy your summer vacation and do whatever you like at this beach resort with our baby panda!

Enter the number of occupancy days, select your bed, pay your deposit, complete the check-in process yourself, learn a new skill with ease! Yes, you can take a vacation relax here now!

In baby panda’s vacation resort, all the food choices are yours! Make the hot dog as you want. Add cucumber or tomato? Ice cream or watermelon juice? It’s up to you!

Sharks appear occasionally. Click on the screen, jump and avoid. Can you react quickly? Experience the thrill of surfing the waves. Hang on until the finish!

Want to know the secret to build a great sandcastle? Baby Panda’s Vacation has all tools and beautiful decorations. Work to design your castle and plan the decoration.Then create your best sandcastle ever with baby panda.


Seaside Scenery: the blue sky, the vast sandy beaches, a luxurious hotel…It’s a vacation destination of your dreams;
Vacation Games: Sandcastles, surf the waves, hotel check-in, packing-up, buffet, the vacation fun never ends!
Tons of Items: 20+ interesting items including shovels, red flags, suitcases, cameras and more! Which one will be your favorite?
No Limits: Design your own sandcastle, there’s no rules or restrictions!

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Baby Panda Summer Vacation user reviews :

This game is too good i liked this game but… why there is only few things please please make more mini things in this game and make more new animal person please and there is much much fun so make much fun in this game and make more games like catching fish , bellon busting, and ect …… So i will give only 3 stars you make it more fun i will give you 5 stars …….. Thank you

I like this game but I am so sad because I am not able to click the beach please do the needful

So great you did great but the thing is that I gave it 2 stars it’s so boring it’s repeating pls update some it’s repeating

I like this game, but I am only upset since you can’t do anything yourself, like; feed yourself, make food yourself I’m here to roleplay so, I guess I admit this to be the good game for us and me!,

I like baby bus cause it has a lot of activities n i learned so much i love it very much i’am so happy i’ll give it 5 stars wish for more baby bus

this game so cute and fun i love it and my baby brother really like it to , he was like never wanna stop playing hihi so yeah this aps really good

This is the amazing game ever I love to play this game,when I bore I play this game,amazing and cool ever

So much fun you can do everything going to the epilator tell this is so boring you’re just always in the same spot you don’t have to move you don’t have to go let it go home go to bed or something like elevator if you try to use it I don’t know never tried it Imma Try it right now just don’t worry guys please like this please please please like it still I know you’re watching me watch it right now baby panda summer vacation please rate this app Spider-Man into this up so you better write this of

Add such a game that when you play it, there should be 2 buttons: Go on vacation and Return home. And this gea will be combined with the airport game. A very fun game on this topic. I give 5 stars

This game is the best no glitches know anything it’s a great my baby brother loves the game. And I like it the game is good my three-year-old brother loves the game. I’m 8 and I love the game it’s a grid please download this game what you waiting for go!!!

I think this is a very cute game it’s also very fun you might be asking why i gave it 4 stars it’s because sometimes it would go out of the game by it’s own and it would sometimes glitch so please fix that thanks

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