Little Panda Chinese Recipes – Start the noodle machine and make noodles

[Game] Little Panda Chinese Recipes

Little Panda Chinese Recipes  The guest has placed the order. Dear little chef, please start cooking according to your guest’s order!

Mix flour and water. Stir the mixture and make a dough. Start the noodle machine and make noodles. Now, boil the noodles, add spices, and serve with meat and eggs. The delicious Chinese noodles are ready!

The guest would like some colored dumplings? No problem! Tomato juice, carrot juice…there are 5 kind of vegetable juices available. Pour the juices into the dough and make colored dumplings. You can even add chili when you boil the dumplings!

Soak the soybeans and boil the soy milk. Pour it into a container, press into shape with a stone, and the tofu is ready. How do you want to cook it? Stir-fry, chilled with sauce, or make soup? It’s up to you!

Hey, do you know how many ingredients there are for hot pot? Mushroom, beef…and of course there are lobster and meatballs! Select the ingredients you like. Wash them and put into the soup. Spicy hot pot is ready!

The tasty Chinese cuisine are all ready. Don’t keep the guests waiting. Please serve the dishes on time!

Cook 6 kinds of Chinese dishes: noodles, dumplings, tofu, hot pot, sugar-coated haws, and roast duck.
25 kinds of ingredients: beef, eggs, carrots, bananas, oranges, and more.
6 methods of cooking: fry, boil, stir-fry, instant-boil, stir and mix, and roast.
5 kinds of spices: oil, salt, essence of chicken, sauce, soy sauce.

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Little Panda Chinese Recipes user reviews :

Best game! My daughter loved it! And little pand`s working; such hard to describe this awesome game! And my daughter is eagerly wating for more of Little Pandas games. Honestly saying, ALL GAMES OF LITTLE PANDA ARE AWESOME!!

WOW! This game is so good and nice In this you have to cook Chinese food and I think by this game you can also learn to make/cook Chinese food but I recommend you to download this game it’s so much fun I had also commented much more games also read those comments I always explain the game truly but download this game

Honesty over here,so I tried finding the game which is this it had moon cake in the game and I loved that but I checked the reviews and there seems to be a new update so maybe why there no moon cake anymore

This game is good but please aur many shop add Please

In this game there are very less variety of food but the game is fun

My daughter loves this game but she’s gotten very mad from this slight problem.The panda keeps going to the Ramen table.Whenever she drags the panda away it keeps walking there when she clicks a different table it works but most of the times the times the panda beats her there and it also gets quite repetitive and boring but overall a good game

Please make more of the chinese food because its so yummy, like can you add sushi,rice cake,and more and add more customers in the game thank you for reading this comment BabyBus

I really dont like this app. Once i joined in it kept on kicking me out! But then i rejoined and i played but it asked me for my adress and their was a no button. (I know this didnt happen to yall) i pressed that “no” button but it took my adress. And now ive been hearing strange noises in my house and my family doesnt notice. Overall the food is good so this is a 2 star game. Please Fix This. Im scared. But i almost forgot, Please make more food. It would be cool.

I kinda remember this game when I was a kid, and it’s fun, but I don’t know how to play it again, but I found an update and while I was playing there are so many people eating and many food!! that’s why I give 5 stars

Omg!!!! This Is Fun All Kids Can Play This And Learn How To Cook Even The Game Is Fun Im Just 6 Years Old And I Love This!!!!!!

Very cute game, it would definitely be good and easy for kids to play! The gameplay was smooth and there were many options on how the food would look while making it. There were ads at the top of the screen and they’d sometimes pop up after making food, but they didnt pop up too often. This was an amazing game overall!

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