Battle for the Galaxy – Create a powerful army and join corporation

[Game] Battle for the Galaxy

Battle for the Galaxy  Take command of the most advanced forces in the galaxy, and battle for supremacy!

Battle for the Galaxy is an exciting mixture of base building, resource management, and strategic combat. Build your base and resource capacity, create a powerful upgradeable army, and attack enemies to earn medals and steal their resources. Band together with other players to form a corporation, and compete with other player teams to rule the leaderboards.

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Game features:
Free-to-play massively multiplayer strategy game
Stunning 3D art and visual effects
20+ buildings to construct and upgrade as you transform your small outpost into a mighty planetary fortress
Recruit an army of Space Marines, Rocket Troopers, Giant Mechs, and Battle Cruisers. Each of the 8 units have unique attack abilities and multiple upgrades.
50 single-player missions
Create Corporations with other players
Launch coordinated attacks on rival Corporations and compete for valuable rewards

Please Note: Battle for the Galaxy is free to download and play, but some in-game items can be purchased with real money. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Battle for the Galaxy also has open clan chat, and for that reason you must be 13 years of age or older to download and play the game.

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Battle for the Galaxy user reviews :

The game is so cool but i can’t play it(happened just now) always says network error eventhough the internet connection was fine… I tried to reinstall the game and the game work until i logged in into my main account then it goes back to loading screen and it always says network connection no matter how many times i turn on and off the wi-fi….. Pls fix this or give me some advice so i xan play and change the rate to 5.

Awsome game!!! Not pay to win. Been playing less than 3 months and have made so much progress. Crystals can be easily gotten doing weekly operation events and daily missions. There was a server bug about a month ago and devs rewarded all the players 10k of them for our inconvenience. 10k is A LOT. that shows Devs who are sincere with their game players. This is a long term game, not a rush one. Find a good clan who will teach you and you’ll be as hooked as I am. TheDevilMan – (All-American)

Great Game! Worth playing. However, if i have to @#%$&*^ see another “Network Error” after watching ads to speed up production…which leads to loosing ALL the progress made speeding production, and any small green crystals used as well in process….i will have to drop my rating a bit.

As close to an actual strategy as possible for a mobile game. Although battles are automatic troop placement & base arrangement play a major role. Just don’t forget to read your troops/defences description to know how/where they will be more useful. Timed window for surveying/choosing enemy bases to attack. Hero troops actually participate in battle instead of being useless decoration. Developers have made some really great & smart choices.

I’ve played this game from the start almost. Since before space walls and a poorly thought out space platform from which to charge more money in order to upgrade your base, weapons, troops, etc. Weird how I can load this on Bluestacks but my Android SmartPhone won’t load the lite or standard mobile versions since the last update??

love the game so much, i just can’t wait for the new updates and events. Please make quantum challenges add some time like 3 to 4 days so that i can finish the task. Love it

The game is good and bonus troops have been fix but the one problem is the replay system it’s a 100% attack but when you replay it, it show 53% or 67%, Please fix it

I like the game but the cards have made it so hard to upgrade things. Made the game less enjoyable

I love the weekend side missions the best. it’s a fun game for sure.

Outstanding Game The graphics in this game are exceptional but there are a few things that need improvement such as being able to change your layout all in one go without having to move towers about and being able to upgrade whole rows of walls

Awesome way to go ninja kiwi i will always be there to support you with rating and people dont be hatin on this app it just came its gonna have problems they have made other games with a million downloads (Edited:) guys stop complaining because there not going to listen to some small group out of millions. Aaron out.

Nice! Guys it new and every game freezes at release man lol its good so far ;) Edited: It is amazing and lots to do plus they do not brag you to buy iap’s which is good Also EVERYONE READ, so people are saying it a scam and it is a replica of coc but its not, coc has inpired them and coc does not own the idea so anyone can remake it
  • ninja kiwi
  • Thanks for your feedback. We are working on this issue and hope to fix ASAP. Best, Developers.

Latest Update :

Bug fixes
Snowy base
New 10 levels for the base

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