Battle Islands Commanders – Take part in major WWII battles

[Game] Battle Islands Commanders

Battle Islands Commanders  Dominate the battlefield!

From the creators of the popular WWII strategy game, Battle Islands, comes an explosive head to head combat game!

Take part in major WWII battles in Battle Islands: Commanders, from the sandy dunes of North Africa to the bitter cold of the Eastern Front! Master the art of war against real opponents from around the world and reap the spoils of war.

Build your army and launch an offensive now!

Lead troops into real-time combat against players from around the world
Build the ultimate Battalion and destroy the enemy’s defense
Earn Supply Crates and unlock new Units to open up new tactics and strategies
Battle across vast deserts and frozen landscapes. Unlock new Theaters of War as you conquer enemies
Form an Alliance to exchange Units and spar with your friends


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Battle Islands Commanders user reviews :

I enjoy this, but after a while it gets stale as it takes ages to upgrade and there is only one mode of play. The developers lack creativity unfortunately.

Great game, strategy, action, short battles. Balanced units and acceptable matchmaking. Without at least 7 EUR invested the progress to unlock at least 2/3 of the units would be too slow.

Fun game but the matchmaking can give some very lopsided matches. Like lvl3 vs lvl9 and 400 rank gap. Great strategy game

Like the game, but all you get in cards are the same ones over and over. All supply crates contain the motor guy, bazooka guy, dogs, the lady, airplane striffer, barbwire and so on. NOTHING I have gets into the supply deck to promote my deck. You have to get to 800 to get to the next level. Better cards. I get to 650 and get smacked down to the 400’s by playing people in the 800 plus with more powerful weapons, but I can’t get my cards in the supply drop to give me a fighting chance.

My favorite game on ps4 and mobile fyi…. when ppl spawn numerous tanks in a row it’s a hack just so U guys know…. I’ve talked directly with ppl with the company regarding it..some ppl are losers and can only win by cheating! I have had 3340-3370 stars on the ps4 …so I’m far from a bum and nowhere near a cpu nerd or geek …. just a good gamer who never has to cheat to win a game unless I’m bored playing gta and wanna have some fun with the boys in blue lol

Great game. Just wish it was possible to link one account on all platforms, pc, tablet and xBox

Every other person that you battle is blatantly hacking. You spawn a tank and they completely fill their side with tanks, turrets and hundreds of troops in just a few seconds.

Really great game, but now it is just full of hackers. They make the game unplayable.

Love the game but i have also encounterd a hacker same one twice in a row just spams tanks cant do anything against it

this game has potential, needs some form of story, more multiplayer options and ability to customise team more. look at mini guns omega wars as a comparative

the only problems so far is how a level 4 player can be matched against a level 12 player, and so many times I’ll be about to win and get disconnected from the game server… fix these problems and I’d be playing it constantly, and I would probably even spend money on in game purchases…

if the developers are serious about this game then they should make the pvp match ups more fair it really is ridiculous matching lower ranked players time and time again with advanced players who’s options are far superior, you really have no chance at all. all this does is frustrate new players into deleting app….is this what you want !?! , match up with players no more than 1 rank and this game could be great.

Super addicting. Give it a go. Definitely a different kind of pvp.

I really love this game. The set genre is really entertaining. Although, there are some mis matching problems. Also, please make the gameplay a bit smoother. Thanks

To many miss matches. I’m level 2 and I’m playing people level 7 and 9 with no chance of winning. I would rather wait longer for a match.

Great game, lots of fun, fast paced battles, really nice graphics

Latest Update :

The holiday season is over, but the battle rages on!

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