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[Game] Blush Blush

Blush Blush  Blush Blush is a Dating Game tossed with an Idle Game.

It features a light hearted story where the player must rescue a series of fun and attractive anime-boys, who have all been cursed with a dark spell. A curse that can only be broken with the power of love, naturally.

The gameplay is easy! The player must choose how they spend their time wisely, by working various jobs, earning stat points, and arranging dates and gifts for their love interests. A mix of strategy and story, the player will gradually become an accomplished dater, and have the chance to woo a TON of hawt guys with more planned for the future.

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Blush Blush user reviews :

I played it long ago on PC, maybe on phone it’s more enjoyable. Guys are nice but artstyle for animal versions are a bit off I think. Still nice tho

Just, yes. Everything yes. I love this game, started playing it the moment it came out on mobile. The guys have amazing personalities, its fun, addicting, but the only issues are how hard it is to level up the characters. Otherwise, its amazing! I hope that the cole bundle is available on mobile soon, as well. I loved the girls in crush crush, and i love these boys in blush blush. I’m going to be so happy when you can unlock more characters and bundles!

Its an amazing game, and I’ve been waiting for it to come out on mobile for a long time now, and I live for it!! It’s just, the shop doesnt have as much as it used to? Like, for stuff, you could but with gems, but now you have to use actual money. And for events, with Crush Crush, you can just claim daily’s, but for these, you have to buy them

I’ve played Crush Crush for a while, so when I got into this game it was SO SLOW. I immediately bought one of the packs to speed everything up, so I guess take that with a grain of salt. Other than that, the game has the same humor and fun personality as Crush Crush. If you liked Crush Crush, then you’ll like this. Unless you want cute girls instead of guys, I guess you won’t like this one

Love this game. I play the PC ver all the time. The ads system is pretty nice. It makes gems easier to get overtime. My only problem is you can’t transfer your PC progress to the app. Which is painful, starting with no reset boosts all over again sucks. I don’t really see why I should replay the game on the mobile ver if Ive already invested so much time into the PC one. Anything I’ve bought or unlocked is only available there as well. So yeah I’m just going to stick to the PC ver.

I was very excited to see Blush Blush finally on mobile after I played Crush Crush! This game is really great all around, but the the time spend waiting at the start of the game is kinda too slow in my opinion. It takes a long while to get more time blocks then Crush Crush. But still I think this game is still great and I’m excited to see more characters be added to it!

Really fun, like talking to the different guys! I don’t usually leave reviews, but this is a nice “clicker” game that’s actually interesting! Most idle/clicker games are dull cash grabs that I delete in an hour, but I recommend this for a fun, dating style game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. You’ll want to keep playing to see the great dialogs and art!

So far this games been really good. Great art, the implementation of ads isn’t atrocious and tucked to the side as an option for some actually worth it game boosts instead of shoved down your throats. Good voice acting as well which I absolutely did not expect. Super fun and feels like a game made genuinely as a passion project and not just a cash grab, I can recommend it for some casual fun.

I love the storyline and the plot it’s so amazing! The charterers are so cute. I absolutely love this game and have no complaints. Even tho it’s still under progress you can buy a phone fling and after that fling is complete you can meet them! I also LOVE the half evolution. This is a wonderful game that I completely recommend. I love to play Crush crush and Blush blush!

So cute! Easy to pick up just like Crush Crush. Aren’t that many boys right now, but it’s ok because the rest will be implemented soon. I also can’t wait for the option for full voices. Beautiful art combined with a satisfactory idle design makes for a very pleasant game that you love coming back to. Thank you Sad Panda Studios for finally porting these bad boys! It sucks we can’t lewd them anymore, but at least we can still date them.

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