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[Game] Cake Art 3D

Cake Art 3D Cake art 3d is a fun and creative game where you can show your cake decorating skills and be the best cake maker out there!

Start the cake decorating by adding a perfect cream in the variety of whip colors you can choose and finish with the icing on the cake.

Discover your inner cake artist. Spread the colorful perfect cream whip and sprinkle with seeds and fruits you like.

Mix them all in your creative way in our Cake art 3D game. Can you make the perfect cake by the customer order? The tasty end results will satisfy you or make you feel hungry.

Challenge your creativity to decorate and icing on a birthday cake, wedding cake, mirror cakes and hundreds of amazing cake designs. More unique levels keep updating.

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Cake Art 3D user reviews :

Day 22 has a glitch where there is an optional cake you can make for watching an ad, but the ad button will never. You cannot skip it either because doing so causes another person to come in and ask the same thing. The game becomes soft locked in a loop. Needs to be patched.

I like the game but the ad count is ridiculous. I would pay to get rid of the ads but they don’t even make it an option. Super disappointing, because like I said I enjoy playing, but the ads make it near unbearable.

Absolutely horrible so many ads it was unbearable that I deleted the game not even after 10 minutes and in that 10 minutes there were Like 20-30 ads per second Absolutely horrible would not recommend!! Would government this 0 stars if I could!….

Oh my God this is such a good game but my brother does have trouble doing the icing because it keeps like going out of the way and it keeps launching them out of the game into a different app and it’s like they almost have at every single like few levels that you play and every time where he says no to an app when they make somebody’s more it just makes them go to that even when he says no that’s very weird

It was all fine and good until one level and VIPs kept wanting cakes and you have to watch an ad. I finally was able to click play. Then I watched an ad and did the cake after I was done another VIP asked for the same cake I just did. Please fix this glitch. Aslo there are a lot of ads.

This game is fun and I love that you can play without wifi but I can’t get passed level 69, when I go to do level 69 the picture is all pink and there’s a whole bunch of buttons and can’t touch anything, I don’t know of this is just a problem that I have but I would like it to be fixed, the game is fun and all just there’s alot of adds so I always turn my wifi off to play it, that’s my only problem is I can’t get passed level 69

  • Hi there, Thanks for your feedback. Please contact support[at] and let us know what device and Android version you have (located in device settings). Also be sure to attach a screenshot or video of the issue. Thanks, Cake Art 3D Team

It was working fine at first and then It got to a point were I could only watch ads to make the same cake for different v.i.p guest I didn’t get any regular orders at all and I really liked this game at first until it gave me these problems

This is very great and entertaining aap no problems but if they let us make our own cake it would be great and about ads you should just turn off the wifi or data and you can play easily ads free just loved it!!!

It was not bad in the beginning but after 3 days of playing it the game crashed. I hope you can fix it and put some new character design.

I love this game. I love baking so this game is AMAZING for me. I hope you all enjoy the game! I loveee this game because you can add decorations, add frosting, & Alot more! I rated it 5 stars because it seemed right hope you enjoy the game :) not much ads at all, that’s what I like. I’m not a fan of adds this doesn’t have much either, again LOVE this game, hope this is helpful be safe and hope you have a good day/Night!

  • Hi there, We’re so happy that you love our game! Thanks so much for your amazing review. Keep playing, Cake Art 3D Team

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