Call Of Magic – Keep rallying more and more allies

[Game] Call Of Magic – Orcs’ Rise

Call Of Magic

 The battle for conquering the magic castle has lasted for months.

Both humans and orcs keep rallying more and more allies. Elves, dwarfs, the undead, the void and dragons… Each race is craving for snatching a piece of pie in the battle.

No one knows how long it will take before the enduring battle finally comes to an end. Do you want to conquer and lead all races? Or merely be a stepping stone?

Key Features

Flexible Marching & Combats
You can adjust the marching routes and states of your troops anytime you like. You can also change tactics accordingly whenever necessary. Intercept, raid, lure enemies in and take them all… How to play the game is all up to you.

Free Expansion & Immigration
Arrange and update all buildings freely to strengthen the defense of your castle. You can also immigrate to any other states outside the castle. You may choose a better location or even a better server!

Multiple Heroes & Combinations
Humans, orcs, elves, dwarfs, the undead and dragons. Over 100 heroes with various talents will be at your service. The power of different unit types is perfectly checked. Mix and match different heroes and units to work out an invincible combination.

Sleep or Play? I’ll have BOTH!
Too many buildings, soldiers and skills to be upgraded? No need to worry. Take a break and leave them all to the system. You’ll keep getting stronger while you are sleeping.

Bountiful Rewards & Benefits
Large amount of gifts and benefits will be distributed all day long. From the minute you log in, till the time you go to sleep, you’ll be busy with claiming rewards. Either logging in, winning battles, leveling up, helping allies, saving friends or smashing enemies… Every little achievement is worth celebrating!

Call Of Magic user reviews :

Looks great but it might be time consuming. And the prices aren’t that pretty. Try to lower the prices because it would attract more to buy.
  • Thank you for your love, if you have any suggestions to help us with game-improving, please feel free to let us know~ Have a nice day!
Game was great. Has a lot of potential to be a top game. Devs keep making changes to force you to spend and take away from what makes this a great game. They need to make a profit but they don’t know how to encourage it. They are not very responsive to problems or suggestions. New content is slow in coming out. A lot of players leave because of boredom. It’s not hard to keep people entertained, but the devs don’t get it. Many fun events only occur 1 time. Here’s an easy fix; repeat them.
  • Dear Lord:Thank you for supporting us~If you met any problem in game, please contact the customer service, we will help you as soon as possible.
The game used to be excellent. However, after the recent updates it has become dull and boring. The support is pathetic and good for nothing. They will just find a way to hide their mistakes and not support the players. The so called in-game service is hopeless and only care about the whales who fill their pockets. Btw, I have moved my review from 5 stars to 1 star.
  • Dear Lord:I am really sorry for the bad gaming experience. We will continue to work hard to optimize the game to improve the gaming experience for most players! Thank you for your continued support and company, and I wish you a happy game!
EDIT from 4 stars to 1 star. They nerfed all of the prizes making it extremely hard for free to play to enjoy the game. Many people come to this game because of that now they are struggling to keep players and open new servers. Hopefully they add the prizes back so people stop quitting….. and add new content for ALLLLL servers.
  • Dear lord: I am sincerely apologize for any inconvenience may cause to you. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us, we will keep improving our game to bring you a better game experience.If you met any problem in game, please contact the customer service by pressing [contact us], we will help you ASAP.
This is a best stragedy game i had ever play. But i saw some issues in this game. War effect start after develop city hall level 8 . But after level 8-9-10-11-12 I saw lot of members stop play this game. because when u play this game without shield ALWAYS…ALWAYS level 18-19-20 or more high players attack and farm little alliance. So how they grow ? level 18 or high Alliance cant beat like these little alliance.. And High level Alliance always attack and farm little power Alliances..
  • Dear Lord:Your support is our motivation, we will keep working hard to bring you a better game experience. I wish you a happy game!

Latest Update :

Fixed some known issues

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