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JW Library Sign Language  JW Library Sign Language is an official app of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

It downloads, organizes, and plays sign-language videos from jw.org.

Watch the Bible and other video publications in sign language. Download them to your mobile device so that you can watch them when you are not connected to the Internet. Enjoy the colorful images, simple navigation, and easy-to-use controls.

© Copyright 2021 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania

JW Library Sign Language user reviews :

Wonderful tool. appreciate all the features. Playlist feature is very useful for Bible Studies. Thank you so much for that. Would it be possible to add an image( for example a downloaded image) as well to the playlist? Thank you for adding the feature i requested. So happy to be able to add images in the playlist. Very helpful !!

I want to express my gratitude for this app….I have been using it for years and it has been just a wonderful gift from Jehovah! It has really made my ministry such a joy. I especially love the link to the scriptures. If I could make a small suggestion? I would love a search option….especially when looking for videos. Also if when we show the video, if the cursor could disappear. I know I might be cheeky in asking….but just a suggestion

great app for non verbal people , the jw library offers broadcasts for meetings and conventions , all available magazines going back years , everything you need in 1 app . the app helps the non verbal to connect with others in a way they couldnt do before , this is something the jw community has now put into place so being able to reach out to more people , the jw library offers soo much not only the bible but you get access to thousands of backdated publications , watch services and videos

I have a child that is deaf and that is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. I wanted to teach her the Bible and Bible stories. Since I’m new at sign language, This app is easier to follow for us ,and helpful when I’m teaching her to love and appreciate Jehovah.

Very useful to everyone especially to the deaf person and also to someone who are willing to learn sign language to communicate with their deaf relative or deaf person, thank you Jehovah for this gift of apps.

The app is totally a cannot-do-without in the sign language field and I am very thankful for all the hard work put into it to make it so efficient. However, I noticed after the last update that the screen sleeps while a video is playing. This is so inconvenient because while teaching a student, I have to keep touching the screen to keep it awake. Please, kindly make an update for the screen to stay awake during a video.

This app is user friendly and well translated. Really excellent for beginners as well as experienced Signers. Love the Sign speed feature!

I love this sign language app! I think for beginners trying to learn, audio should be added to the Bible verses with the interpreter. I think a download all button would be nice to have. The last suggestion, is that if there were a way to have brothers and sisters register or sign up with a login, it would be less of a hassle in case we needed to delete & redownload the app and then we can just log in with things downloaded already; would be great to have this with ALL of the jw apps.

I love this app!!! This app helps me to know Jehovah in different languages

It is an excellent app. Very helpful and easy to use. Thank you for your efforts. Please can you update the app so that some frequently or recently used languages can be on top of the language list? Also, it will be appreciated if the current language someone is using can display on top of the opened publication. Lastly, it will be very helpful to have history tab enabled. Thanks once again for your good work.

South African Sign Language Love the app. It’s usefulness outweigh the problems. But there are a couple problems at present. v4.0.187(60570) still crashed after extensive editing of a playlist during the meeting but the biggest problem was released this week with the update to the SASL bible. Matthew and Luke now only have chapter 1, all other chapters disappear and we can only stream or download the entire book. The option to download a single chapter is gone. Still, hugely valuable, giving it 5 stars based on hope.

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