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CivMinerStrap on your mining cap and get ready for action! Step into the world of CivCrafter as a miner in search of monsters, loot, and fame.

Tunnel through the depths in search of rare stone. If you discover a new stone, you get to name it for all the world to see!

Find spectacular treasures from ancient Civs. Go lone wolf, or work with your Clan to collect them all and earn special bonuses. Will you be the one to find the ultra-rare Shiny Artifacts?

Go toe-to-toe with beasts from the depths. Defeat boss monsters and harvest their fossils to earn passage to greater depths and darker secrets…

Form a clan and compete in the oil conquest. Mine oil the old fashioned way, or raid other players and pump away their oil in a head-to-head battle of raw tapping skills.

Mine valuable resources and deliver them to your CivCrafter game!

And find out why Naquatic apps like Guncrafter and Shooting Showdown have lit up the top charts and been featured by everyone from Google to Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, IGN, AppAdvice, and TouchArcade.

CivMiner user reviews :

I love this game, the only thing I have to say that’s bad about it is how trippy the boss fights are!! All in all a great game, and I love the fact you can send the resources to CivCrafter! One thing I wish was a way to see how many undiscovered stone types there are, and perhaps some sort of indicator of when the player first discovered them rather than the first person ever, also a way to see what heights they need to be at (for example: Crumblestone is from 1-100m).

Good game. It does not have that much stability problems or bugs.. it’s just that the market system is only based on real money. You can occasionally get a random special offer (from +2-4% more gems from a purchase) the prices are wierd. Because you can join a guild that is about to win the war, by having autoclickers, and get 10,000 gems free of charge.

It’s actually pretty good, it’s neat to link to Civcrafter. Wish you could disable pop-ups such as finding new stones though

It’s good especially when you play civ crafter but it started acting wierd and the moment I press it it kicks me out and said that it it keeps stoking so that’s wierd you might need to work on it a bit more it kinda acts like that in civ crafter but that’s just cuz I’m pressing so many buttons at once like a squid that would actually make a good boss maybe you should add a squid creature but somehow like all the others make is a block but I bet it will get it’s self together if you update it a bit like in other games when I up it it gets itself in shape like a cube ( ha bad puns) but yes it is a fun game it’s also fun to get the cubes outside the six and see the void so yes good game well made and some good bosses (one I think was supposed to look like a vampire!)

It could use improvements such as a way to mute volume [not just music] but overall is a great time killer as well as a fun game.

Good game, but i think upgrading your materials, should decrease the price of upgrading your picks shape ex. Upgrading from stone to ore should decrease the price of upgrading shovel to hatchet

My rating was deleted it seems, so it’s being reposted. Looks like the game has been abandoned by the developers as i still cannot obtain oil or fossils. The game itself is fun, but there is no reason to play if certain counters just reset after obtaining said items.

It’s like the minecraft I could never afford! All jokes aside his game and I have history, I am a returning player feom 4-5 Years ago. I still love this game with all my heart and recomend it to my friend’s and family

Pretty decent game. I like the integration to CivCrafter. Could have done better with this game in my opinion and there are too many ads but overall pretty decent.

This game has blown me away. I have been playing for 3 days, and I am so addicted my clan is now 6th on conquest! Well, I’m not the leader, but I’m in it! I have earned more than 400 oil from raids and now have 21 fossils! The concept of the game is simple but addicting.

I love that there is much more to do than just mining, its a lot difrent mining experience than in the other games. Tnx aquatic keep making games like this.

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