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Command and Conquer Rivals  Command and Conquer Rivals is currently in development and playable as a pre-alpha.

During the pre-alpha players may experience technical issues. The pre-alpha is not representative of final software*

Lead your army to victory in The War for Tiberium with Command & Conquer™: Rivals, a competitive real-time strategy game on mobile! Battle to dominate your enemy with Commanders from the Global Defense Initiative and Brotherhood of Nod. Customize your army with a unique commander, infantry units, and vehicles. Conquer opponents in one-on-one battles and strategically direct your forces to earn every victory. In this war, control is power.

In Command & Conquer: Rivals, the strategy behind your skills determines victory or defeat. Choose a Commander to lead your forces – each holds powerful abilities that can influence your approach and turn the tide of battle. Create winning combinations of infantry, tanks, aircraft, and high-tech behemoths. Customize your army to align with your Commander’s unique abilities, then unleash formidable weapons and vehicles in all-out war.

Go head-to-head in live battles with other players as you fight for map superiority in real time! Choose to fight for the Global Defense Initiative or Brotherhood of Nod. Restock your supplies and boost your army with valuable supply convoys. Complete daily challenges for massive rewards that improve your Commanders, weapons, and abilities. Grow your army with every victory and climb the leaderboards!

Pre-register today and get the Early Bird Bundle, including a Titan unit, Diamonds, and Credits, when Command & Conquer: Rivals launches worldwide.

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Command & Conquer

User Reviews :

A very good game ruined by a garbage progression system and monetization model. Have played it for a week and made it to masters rank but I am unable to progress because I am matched 95% of the time with players who have much stronger units. Upgrading my units at this point would take months or even years in order to catch up to my opponents. I understand that the publisher needs to make money, but expecting me to drop hundreds of dollars just to be on an even playing field ain’t it chief!

After playing it, i dont understand the whole thing yet. But for now is a fun game to dont need to buy anything (real money)to win you just have to win a lot of games, with all this changes EA keep doing it makes this games a little harder to play or understand, but games very enjoyable and fun to play…

My first review: 5 stars. Very nice gameplay and graphics. I’m just starting playing, but I haven’t encountered any pay-to-win scenarios yet. My revised review: 2 stars. Still nice gameplay, I’m a gold league player now. However, the last update gave me metaphorical cancer. Daily bounties can now be reset with money. Player levels, previously gained only by xp, can now be bought. And now cloning lab lets you buy the units that you want. Basically your credit card number is the cheat code.

Great game. Fun and Extremely additive. Only real issue I have is the matchmaking. About 80% of the time you get matched with high-level opponents that have a larger variety of units due to their rank and no chance to win.

addictive.. sucks when you lose purely by being overpowered by higher level troops, to players with poor micro but there is always a counter

I love this game. Very dynamic and easy to lose track of time. Only downsides are drain on power (Galaxy S9) and there is no offline play. Other than that awesome game and true to the original series.

Latest Update :

Greetings, players! As part of this update, we’ve fixed some behind-the-battleground issues that may have affected your game. Thanks for playing.

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