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[Game] Cooking Confidential

Cooking Confidential

About “Cooking Confidential”:

Did you catch the cooking games fever craze?
Do you love the cooking games madness of being a chef?
Do you like crime and detective games?
Or can’t get enough cooking cooking cooking games?!

Then “Cooking Confidential” is the kitchen cooking game for you! “Cooking Confidential” is a free and easy-to-play 3D chef, cooking and restaurant simulator cooking game. Perfect your cooking games time management skills as you navigate the cooking, cafe, and restaurant games madness of “Cooking Confidential”! But there’s more… There is something fishy going on in the “Cooking Confidential” world and we need your help to solve the case!

Game Features
Beautiful and enticing 3D graphics!
Follow along with the engaging story filled with twists, turns, drama, romance, and crime!
Countless choices to customize your very own Avatar!
Cook tasty and tantalizing dishes from all over the cooking world!
Serve customers and manage rushes to collect tons of cooking games rewards!
Race against the cooking clock with nail-biting time management cooking skills!
Upgrade your cooking kitchen and decorate your restaurants to your heart’s desire!
Beat levels and unlock all types of restaurants as you journey through the world of “Cooking Confidential”!
Play fun offline and did we mention? It’s free!

But that’s not all!

Have you ever dreamed of building your own restaurant empire? Well, now you can! Grow your profits as you unlock more and more cozy cafes, delicious diners, rewarding restaurants, and everything else under the cooking games sun. The fun and madness of cooking are never-ending!

Are you a fan of crime and detective games? Well, criminals and crooks are hiding in plain sight and we need your help to crack the case! They may be cooking the books, cooking up evil schemes or, playing mind games, or even trying to take over the Cooking Confidential world! So much cooking crime madness! Keep a keen eye on shady characters and let’s catch these no-good cheating scammers and swindlers red-handed!

Make sure you check in on your restaurants daily as we have loads of fun games, events, and surprises in store for you! Achievements, food trucks, dash mode, special customers, and more!

We are always striving to bring you the best cooking games experience possible and update “Cooking Confidential” with more restaurants for cooking, more design and cooking upgrades, and more intriguing stories as much as possible! Don’t forget to follow our Facebook page for more info, news, and games!

So what are you waiting for, chef? Download “Cooking Confidential” now and get in on the cooking games craze! Did you catch the cooking games fever? We got the cooking games cure! And don’t forget to tell your friends and family the fun of cooking games found with us!

Cooking Confidential user reviews :

I’ve completed all the levels. Been waiting for an update to continue. Had an update 2 days ago and did it and thought it was to unlock new levels but it wasn’t.

Good game, similar to Cooking Diary but with no team and better graphics. The food trucks are good but impossible to complete without power ups, but the thing that spoils it are the forced ads whether or not you choose to double your coins. I don’t even mind this but the ads don’t want to close and some go on for a minute then keep taking you to the playstore. It’s quicker to close and reopen the ap. If the ads were 30 seconds or less and didn’t force you to the playstore, game would be 4 stars

  • Hello, you can buy the AD-REMOVING product to get rid of forced ads permently.

I love this game! Ready for the update. That is my only complaint. I have beatin all the levels and have unlocked everything. Just sitting around waiting. Edit my rating: This is crazy! We have not had an update in 2 months. Everytime I send a message it’s the end of the month, then 2 weeks, then another week. I understand it takes time. But at least keep us posted on the game page or add in a pop up in the game and keep us updated.

  • The new German restaurant is open now!

One of the best cooking games. Just cooking with a great storyline. This game doesn’t have all the distractions that most of the other cooking games have. It has a good storyline that moves along but none of all the extra side games that are either too complicated to play or take away from the original storyline.

I love the game! The story line is nice and gives positive energy. The only thing I’m struggling with is the food truck. I just downloaded not long ago and it told me I had to get past level 4 of the breakfast Cafe. Once I passed and got to level 5 it still won’t let me play it. I’m now on the new restaurant and it’s still telling me I have to pass level 4 of of the breakfast Cafe. Please fix it if you can. I really want to see the cute food in the food truck. Thank you for your time

  • Please tell us you Player ID, we will investigate your problem.

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