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[Game] Cross Summoner R

Cross Summoner R A huge cast of charming characters!
Collect your favorite characters and understand each of their stories by improving them.
More gameplay modes allow for a truly multi-dimensional experience. Create a team that belongs to you!

Heart-pumping battle experience!
The Synergy Skills of well-coordinated heroes will determine the outcome of combat.
Skillfully control the timing of skill releases to enjoy a fluid combat experience.

Lots of gameplay modes!
PVE: Beautiful battle scenes play out over an expansive story map. Powerful Boss quests provide the thrill of a challenge. Tower climbing mode lets you prove your power and continually push yourself to improve. Limited time resource tasks reward you with exclusive items that increase your power.
PVP: The heat of Arena combat presents a different way to coordinate your techniques.
Training: Develop exclusive characters through a multi-dimensional system that includes leveling up, gear, jewelry, skills, Star upgrades, and Bonds. Light up stars in the Magic Sigil to receive permanent attribute bonuses.
Guilds: Create powerful guilds with your friends.

After a final showdown with the Black Iron Mage, the human world and the various realms finally welcomed a brief time of peace.
Little was it known, however, that beneath this peace, darkness had already begun seeping in. Out of a selfish ambition for power, a group of humans began seeking immortality and placed their hope in a terrifying, taboo form of magic. As their understanding of this magic deepened, so did the chaos in the kingdoms of the various realms. From the Heavenly Realm to the Hellish Realm, none remained at peace.

Creatures that should never have existed in the world poured forth and began wreaking havoc…
Who is the mastermind behind it all? Was all this destruction really caused by the wish for immortality? Or are there deeper secrets lying deep beneath it all, waiting to be discovered…

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Cross Summoner R user reviews :

There’s a bug when you purchase monthly rewards system, the date range is incorrect and still hasn’t been fixed in over a month so I’d avoid that since you will miss out on day 30 rewards every time. It’s actually a super fun game but some thing to Improve besides the above bug: 1- need to have a bulk fight action, it’s so damn repetitive having to go in and out. 2- too many things to do, which is why you need the above.

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, summoner! We have recorded your feedbacks for future improvements! Regarding the bug you mentioned, please contact our in-game support team for us to help you with that!

A lot of people have complained about game crashes but that hasn’t been the case in my experience. The only time I have issues is with the Memory Lane function. I’ve been stuck on stage 3-5 for about a week due to the game freezing when the enemy uses their ult. This is currently my source of gems but I can’t move forward because of this. Otherwise, I do enjoy the game. The whales are pretty bad but I like to think I’m doing alright for being f2p.

The game is alright, the battle system can be enjoyable however chapter two isn’t available so it’s very limited. The music isn’t my cup of tea, but the characters are pretty cool, the abilities are awsome for sure but it has a way to go as far as 5 star fun. Again the game is enjoyable but not in the “it draws me in and I look forward to log in and play” kinda way the graphics are ok, not half bad but still needs work and some of the mechanics lag so it can be a bit slow.

  • Thank you for your feedback, dear Summoner! Our team is working on adding exciting new features and activities to future versions of the game as quickly as possible. If you would like to get the latest news and announcements from us, or if you’re looking for some gameplay tips, please visit our Facebook page and Discord.

Very good in every category. Finally a idle i can stand by. However the one annoying thing is the stamina. I dont like when games limit how long you can play in one day. Shouldnt have to wait for daily reset to enjoy the game. Other than that, the game is phenomenal.

  • Thank you for your feedback, we will improve the Stamina system, stay tuned to all new patch news in our social media! If you need any assistance, our in-game support is available to help anytime.

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