Oceanhorn – Learn to use magic and discover ancient treasures

[Game] Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn  You wake up and find a letter from your father. He is gone…

The only lead is his old notebook and a mysterious necklace. What happened?

Explore the islands of Uncharted Seas, a world filled with many dangers, puzzles and secrets.

Fight monsters, learn to use magic and discover ancient treasures which will help you on your quest.

Use all your wits and skill to unravel the mysteries of ancient kingdom Arcadia and sea monster Oceanhorn.

Oceanhorn combines captivating storytelling, breathtaking 3D visuals and exciting gameplay into one massive action adventure experience you will never forget.

Enjoy an incredible soundtrack from the best video game composers in the world:
Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy*) and Kenji Ito (Seiken Densetsu*)

Master the game effortlessly with accurate touch controls or controller.

Please Note: Oceanhorn is a free to download premium game with a single in-app purchase to unlock the full version.
You can play the first chapter for free and test it on your device first.


Customizable Graphics Settings
Requires 1GB RAM

Music from legendary Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito
10+ hours of story driven gameplay.
Master magic and swordfight
Find ancient items to help you on your quest
Game Services Achievements
Accurate Touch Controls

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Oceanhorn user reviews :

I don’t usual buy games. I just gave chapter one a try and fell in love with the graphics. I purchased the game on the same day. Lovely graphics. Lovely story line. The game exits sometimes automatically from the loading screen. I don’t know whether it happens due to some network issue or issue with the game. Other than this there are no complaints with this game. It’s simply amazing. Also the in game puzzles are cool. Loved the game. Thanks Dev.

I absolutely love this game. The pacing is good so a beginner can grasp all the concepts. It gets harder as you progress so your skills continually gets a workout. Plus there are helpful signs and NPCs who give valuable tips. Some of the puzzles were so frustrating that when I finally solved them I felt a major sense of achievement. I’m now just waiting for a sequel or something similar. Thanks to FDG for a wonderful game

Wow, this game makes me very nostalgic for a certain Nintendo title. What an excellent adventure. I love the theme of the graphics, the story progression, the voice overs… The only thing I would change if I could would be the ability to rotate the camera and zoom in it out if possible. This game is work every penny. Keep up the good work, this game has convinced me to explore these developer’s other titles.

This is by far the best mobile game I’ve ever played. Well worth the $5.49, and then some. Runs smooth, great story and execution, very satisfying puzzles and map layouts to explore. Graphics look amazing. People who give this low ratings are just too cheap to support an awesome game developer, and crying that the full version isn’t free. I really respect the developer for having zero ads and keeping the game clean and professional, and I’m more than happy to pay for the better experience.

A really great classic gameplay. I love that you will not be told about every moves, but instead solve the riddles on your own. Some puzzles are simple but some are quite challenging, which makes the gameplay even more fun. I wish more Android games offer this kind of offline gameplay. I don’t mind spending money to buy those games as long as I can enjoy a true adventure.

Excellent adventure style game! The only loss of a star is how short the game is. This may be due to my level of play or enjoyment, but it seems shorter and shorter each time I play through the adventure. perhaps you could release a version with weekly adventures to complete within the existing maps to keep game play going.

This is a good game with a great story and nice graphics. However, every shadow in the game looks like a shadow from window blinds. Also, it’s a little hard to get used to the fact thay you can’t jump, because the map is 3D and steps are low.

Brilliant game, beautiful graphics. Seriously one of the best games for Android. Saving can be a mess when cloud save is on. Three times this game has taken me back to hermit island after playing for HOURS after I explored and completed other islands. Also lost my local save when I turned on cloud save hoping to avoid losing my progress. Again. So frustrating.

Not perfect, but I would say 4.9 stars is fair. I found a bug with saving that is preventing me from getting much further, and I would like a larger map. The game its self though is phenomenal. I never though they could make a game like this for Android. If you see at all a fan of Zelda, just buy this. You won’t regret it.

Amazing, with one minor flaw This game is basically Wind Waker plus A Link Between Worlds with it’s own original story and characters. Very good for a mobile game; graphics are good combined with simple, easy controls meshed with vibrant story and dialogue. The one flaw would be cloud saving malfunction(s), the map is a little small but that’s understandable for a mobile game.

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