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Fonts, Emoji, Themes, Gif, Photo….
Try creating a one of a kind keyboard

Fonts, Emoji, Themes, Gif,

More than 100,000 options of photo and GIF backgrounds

You can customize a beautiful keyboard with photos, designs, GIFs, and color themes.

1. Photo themes applied immediately through searching
(Puppies, kittens, sensitivity, beautiful background, character, simple, space, etc.)

2. Design themes created by designers
(iPhone Theme, Sparkle Theme, Mukbang Theme)

3.Keyboard Fonts Support
(Change your keyboard fonts)

4. Cute Emoji
Text Emoticons

Emoji: Expression, People, Action, Heart, Animal, Food
Multi Emoji: Design Keyboard’s own special expressions

Design Keyboard has more various smart features
Notes feature
Support translation in more than 100 languages
Support English dictionary
Support web search eg., Google
Keyboard hotkey support (feature to customize enter key and space bar)
Global language support

Gesture typing&Word recommendation
We have added gesture typing! Type real smooth!

Easier and faster conversation with foreign friends!
Russian,Korean,Chinese (Traditional),Chinese (Simplified),Indonesian,Malaysian,English,French,Spanish,Italian,German,Portuguese (Brazil),Portuguese (Portugal),Turkish,Arabic,Vietnamese

Calculator Feature
How much is it if three people spent $70.99 for a meal?
You can calculate directly with the keyboard and send the equation!

Also supports various input methods
Keyboard input with Voice
Keyboard input with Handwriting
AutoText/Clipboard Input
Hanja input

Design Keyboard Permissions
For your experience, while using the app, the following permissions are required to be granted. The granted permissions will not be used other than the specified purposes written in the notice.

Photos/Media/Files (Required)
Required to set keyboard background photo.

Mic/Audio Recording Permissions (Optional)
Necessary to use the voice input feature for interpretation.

Design Keyboard user reviews :

This tool app is my ultimate go-to when it comes to beinging life and personality to my phone, in general. Very easy UI that anyone can access and will (un)fortunately find themselves spending countless hours playing around with. 10/10 keyboard and font app! Edit: As other users have pointed out, the autocorrect function is, meh…so-so, at best. Besides the minor negative, the pros HEAVILY outweigh the minor con’s.

  • Thank you for your amazing review of our app! Regarding the autocorrect function, we understand that it may not be perfect, but we’re constantly working to improve it. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other feedback or suggestions. Thank you for using our app!

It is a great app! Gotta get used to the new interface because of muscle memory but the reason why i give it 3 stars is because it doesn’t have a more broad language keyboard. I want to show off my japanese skills to my parents but i can’t due to not having it available to me. I will update my rating once the japanese language and as well as other languages are added. Those were the only 2 problems though. The app has a wide variety of keyboard styles which is great, too.

  • Thank you for your suggestion. We are planning to add a Japanese and other language keyboards. We can’t tell you the timeline for when it will be added, but if you could wait patiently, we will make sure to add Japanese in the future. Thank you for using Design Keyboard.

Really good app! Everything about this app is amazing! You can change the keyboard colour, font, font colour, and much more! I personally love the menu bit on the keyboard, you can literally open a calculator on your keyboard! Really good! Although, the reason I am giving it 4 stars is due to there being no autocorrect, but other than that, this app is amazing! I would definetely reccomend this to a friend!

  • Hello! Thank you for your positive review. We have the auto correct option on our keyboard. Settings>Input settings>Auto correction ON/OFF. If you have any further suggestions and inquiries, please contact us without hesitation. Thank you for using our app. Have a nice day!

Great app! I love the amount of colors and options with this app! There are Harry Potter keyboards! I love the idea. But the auto correct part is troubled. Yes, there is an autocorrect part but for some words it will make the word completly different. In all it’s great!

  • We’re glad you’re enjoying our keyboard app! We’re glad you like the variety of colors and options, including the Harry Potter keyboard. We apologize for any issues you’ve had with the autocorrect feature and will work to improve it. Thank you for your feedback.

So far so good. I need a certain type of background colour due to my eyes. I also need larger font on the keys, and visible arrow keys to make corrections when needed. I tried quite a few keyboards. So far, this one works great. I’ll have more input as I use the board more. thanks

  • Hello! Thank you for using our app. You can get more color options at [Photo/GIF] in the Keyboard theme. and if you use photo/gif theme, then you can customize from brightness to button’s opacity and keyboard’ text size on the spot. If you want larger font of your phone itself then you can find it in [system setting] > [font size and style].

Quite an amazing app! I only have the regular mode (not premium) and the amount of features has by far surpassed any expectations I ever had. I use this keyboard for everything ! Unlike most keyboard theme design apps, when you make a customized keyboard, not only does this app let’s you design every inch and feature but it also keeps and has cool features like translate, voice text, notes, and so so much more ! Le GIT my fav app for customization on my android phone.10 out of 10!

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