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[Game] Devolver Tumble Time

Devolver Tumble TimeDevolver Tumble Time is the future’s future of physics-based puzzle gameplay, elegant monetization, and strategic brand integration.

Choose characters from a packed roster of your favorite Devolver Digital games and rack up big points matching and clearing their impossibly adorable heads from the tumbler. Get hyped enough and unleash each character’s special ability to clear huge chunks and earn power-ups to create chaotic chain reactions.

Then maybe watch some entertaining ads.

Earn and unlock new characters, compete in daily challenges, and buy stuff. Buying stuff is so great. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for new character drops from your favorite Devolver Digital games and maybe even from ones you’ve never heard of in your life.

Plus delicious ads. Watch ’em up real good.

Physics-Based Fun!
Matching-Based Fun!
Baffling Amounts of Virtual Currency!
Collectible Donuts, Flowers, & Socks!
Microtransaction-Based Fun!
Enjoyable Advertisements!

Devolver Tumble Time user reviews :

Base experience is pretty fun, but the timer is deliberately short once you get past the first couple levels. It really feels like they’re pushing you to watch ads to get more time since the requirements are impossible within the initial time frame. It’s also frustrating when you have a chain and you release and it doesn’t register. It breaks your flow and you lose time going back for it.

I really love it. I own almost all of devolver digitals games on other platforms. I love the collection aspect. that being said the time limits are extremely low. almost every level is cleverly timed to require an ad watch because you’re so close to finishing. I would love to see at least 3 more seconds added to each level. the game simply isn’t responsive enough for such crucial timing.

I really like the core gameplay of this, but there’s room for improvement. It feels like some of the dailies and later levels are built around there being no win condition. The difficulty spikes, and it appears that you’re meant to just keep watching ads over and over for an extra 10 seconds each time until you beat the otherwise unbeatable level. This feels awful. I understand needing ads to support the game, but surely there’s a better way to do it than this. It makes any victory feel hollow.

Fun game so far. Only five free turns, so you can’t play much at a time. I’d pay for unlimited hearts if i could get rid of the timer. (Maybe an option for no timer earning less experience points?) The visual design is good. I like the weird characters. The game automatically grows connections of similar characters, which is great. I wish those connections were a bit faster because waiting, brief as it is, slows the gameplay. Overall, it’s a fun, nicely designed game that I am enjoying so far.

Pretty cool game, I just feel there should be a bit more to do outside of the main levels and the daily challenge. I also think that you should be able to go back and play previous levels you beat. Also, more customization options (like for the couch, or wallpaper) would be great. I like the artstyle, and I find the humor pretty funny. There is a little bit of lag when connecting pieces, but other than that, it doesn’t have too many bugs or glitches. Fun game, definitely not a YKW puni ripoff-

I like it but I get bored of playing it because of the ads. Even after you basically pay for the game, if you don’t complete the level (which only happens if the games decides if it wants you to or not), you can get an additional 10 seconds play time if you watch a 30 second ad, but you also have to do this loads of times each level. Levels are made to not be able to be completed in the time given so you have to watch ads and it just gets boring and frustrating. Especially when you’ve paid.

In the beginning (levels 1 – 15ish) I was LOVING the game. Very addicting, great haptic and audio feedback. Cute graphics. Truly charming stuff. I even purchased infinite stamina in order to keep playing because I was having so much fun with it. However, level 20 happened… it becomes so needlessly difficult and unfairly placed. The timer: too short. Coins/Resources: hard to achieve. Hoping for fixes, balancing and more content in future updates.

I’m enjoying this unique match-3, but it could do with some tweaks here and there : – The lives system should be overhauled, taking lives only if you lose a level. – Gacha should be cheaper, or materials and coins should be easier to obtain. I feel like I’m making no progress towards my next pull because of how long it’s taking to collect the necessary stuff. – The tumble feature should be more powerful, or be made into more of a shuffle. I feel like it often doesn’t benefit me at all using it.

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