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Dinosaur Math The right age to expose kids to math is when they are between two and six years old. If you are looking for a way to help your kids love to learn math, join now and download “Dinosaur Math!”

Dinosaur Math is very useful in building logical thinking and allows children to understand the concept of numbers while playing with building blocks. Even kids without any formal education can increase their understanding of numbers, addition, and subtraction by combining and splitting building blocks!
Every time the child completes a task, they will be rewarded with a component. After collecting four components, they can unlock a new battle robot in the math factory.

Placing the robots and learning the correspondence between number and quantity
Toot toot! The little dinosaur will drive the train to you! The robots need your help to board the train. Please drag the correct number of robots on board the train. Once the robots match the displayed number, the train will start running!
There are five themed islands and 20 quirky robots in all. The children will learn the relation between numbers and quantities step-by-step during the mathematical journey.

Take part in a fun and exciting train race
3-2-1, and the race is on! Drive your favorite train and count the number of batteries accurately to make your train run faster. Answer questions to win the game!
By practicing different counting methods, children can improve their counting skills.

Free assembling and combining building blocks activities to learn “addition” and “subtraction”
In six different machinery factories, children can combine and split the blocks using the number tips to collect robot components. If they collect enough components, they can use them to create new battle mechas! Children will understand “addition” and “subtraction” in depth through play.

Math battle against randomized computer robot
Drive 20 cool combat mechas, and answer questions correctly to beat your opponents! The game will increase kids’ interest and enthusiasm in Math and is powered by a huge question bank to help them improve their math skills.

Reports to record growth in math ability
Get a report of your kid’s progress along with professional study suggestions and level-appropriate practice resources.

Developing your child’s interest in math is the best way to help them learn. Make learning enjoyable with Dinosaur Math. Hurry up and download it now for your kids!


Ability to adjust difficulty level based on child’s level of understanding. Hundreds of questions to help kids learn math.
Unique playing method of combining and splitting blocks allows kids to understand numbers, quantity, addition, and subtraction concepts
20 elaborately designed combat machines and vivid attack effects
No prior learning required
Includes reports for parents
Can be operated without the Internet
No third-party advertising

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Dinosaur Math user reviews :

Game is great, but having huge issues with the blocks levels. If child puts too many blocks together to fit on the truck, it’s extremely difficult to break apart and there’s no option to restart that level other than exiting and starting from the very beginning.very frustrating for a kid!!

  • Hello there, We sincerely concern about this and would invite you to send us more problem screenshots. Under normal situations, the block with the wrong number could not be placed on the trolley. Separating a big number block only requires tapping to hold and then moving along the cross lines. Please email cs[at]yateland.com for further help!

Brilliant, love it, the quality of the picture is great, and works as a good motivation for kiddo who loves dinosaurs. Nothing irritating, all straightforward and easy. Thanks for the app

  • Thank you so much for your love and support! We will continue to design more products for children! Please feel free to email cs[at]yateland.com if you have any other feedback!

Pretty good game,but my son had a problem that whenever he plays arithmetic Arena,after he wins it would load and take back to the main screen,so please fix that.

  • Your feedback is always our power to make Yateland better! Our team will consider it carefully and make improvements in the future. Please feel free to email cs[at]yateland.com if you would like to share more ideas.

This is a fun fast paced game. How ever we’ve not been able to unlock the different vehicles. So that has made my son loose interest.

  • We are sorry that in-app purchases are required before unlocking more content. There are two purchasing ways in this game, which are permanently unlocking and time-limited subscription. If you love the cars in “Garage”, you can choose to permanently buy “Arithmetic Arena” or subscribe for a month to try all. Please email cs[at]yateland.com for more!

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