Dungeon and Girls – Seek pretty girl partners and defeat Bosses

[Game] Dungeon and Girls – Card RPG

Dungeon and Girls  Seek pretty girl partners and defeat Bosses!

Is it possible to look for romance in dungeons?
You can seek girl partners and upgrade your levels together.

Use the randomly generated cards to explore dungeons!
It’s all random. But you need to plan ahead.

Strategical battle using the attack, evade, counter, and focus cards!
The cards are limited and the choice is to target your attacks.

Strategic changes in player’s job skills!
You begin out as an explorer, but you will be able to choose other jobs as you explore deep into the dungeon.

Escape dangers with your partner’s special skills!
Your partners have their own skills to back you up.

Dungeon&Girls is a single game where game data is stored on a mobile device. Please note that data cannot be recovered when deleted.

Dungeon and Girls user reviews :

This is an amazing strategy game. My two main qualms with are these. 1. The missing mechanic for the enemies adds an element of unneeded randomness that makes it hard to use strategies. When you use a counter attack card, it has a chance of not working, even when you were sure it would, just because the enemy missed. 2. Watching an ad for a reward sometimes just doesn’t work by not giving you the item you aanted, wasting time resources. Other than these problems, the game is amazing.

So far, an okay game. Pretty good on the dungeon crawler side but the partners needs some work. They might as well be robots with faces since besides a few lines here and there, they really are just there for show. Al least their designs look great. Plus, they level up faster of you gift them with an object they like so that’s nice. Overall, solid game but definitely needs improvement especially on the partner aspect of the game.

It’s quite a good game with cute monster girls + good art (shame most is cropped), easy but challenging at the same time! It’s worth a try. Suggestions: it would be good to have an option to bind your account and save your progress and possibly make it transferrable to another device, I also seem to have some trouble getting rewards despite watching a full ad, also the same issue for a second chance to fight again. Added proposals + more fixes = potentially a really good game imo.

Most addictive, fun and easy to play. But mostly the tricky part is to get every monster girl with a random pick. IT’S QUITE FUN.

Killing a + monster only gives a standard drop? Seeing a partners current and base stats would be useful, as would not only getting level one girls. Music from boxes and bosses is far too loud when sound is down. Also seeing the small map when in battle would be nice, to semi plan what i might want to keep after it Also the ability to pass on an active skill or delete what i actually want not just on the left is mandatory.

I honestly enjoy the simplicity of it.. I can be a perfectionist without needing to learn how to, for example, spend skill/stat pts flawlessly AND no need to learn multiple jobs like blacksmithing jus so I can kill mobs well enough for ppl to not complain!!.. ~ahem~ got carried away there.. but yeah it’s fun. :-] It could definitely benefit from some more creative n awesome skillz and you should Definitely do more with the summon’s abilities, overall unity and rly jus making it feel like a team.

I love games like this!! the character designs are lovely, the interface is quite simple and gameplay is good. However it’s difficult to gain partners (especially the + characters) and the gifts are a mix of dead giveaways or confusing hints. I enjoy the game a lot though!!!

A pretty nice game but you’ll run out of content very fast. All characters have pretty much one build each and the number of upgrades and abilities you get in a run are very limited as well. You should get the game but be aware that you’ll burn through levels quite fast once you find what works.

this game is amazing!!! I installed it an then uninstalled it because i ran out of space… but after i year i stilled remebered this game and came back to the best harem dungeon game that i can play in public with out being arrested. I strongly recommend that you install this game!

This is a very fun and interesting game as it has a lot of elements that other phone games don’t have like progressive challenges that really do give you a challenge but not so much that you need to plan stuff out which I like as sometimes that gets a bit tedious but their is one thing which I think should be in the game and that’s the ability to see your map when in fights as it’s nice to know what’s coming instead of having to try and remember overall it’s a great game.

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