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Empty my fridge

Learn new healthy recipes, easy recipes, and sustainable recipes.

Discover a new UNBELIEVABLE empty your fridge feature to stop food waste. Works perfectly with food you find in Olio, TooGoodToGo, or Karma.

You can discover new easy and simple recipes for your ingredients, share them with friends and send them to your shopping list. Plant Jammer is a recipe app that allows you to customize recipes with AI.

The Plant Jammer recipe app has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times and has won the IBM Watson AI Prize, Nordea’s AI start-up Battle prize, the Creative Business Cup, Green Entrepreneur of the Year by Veggie World.

Create Recipes
Plant Jammer is both for people who want to learn how to cook a new cuisine and experienced cooks to discover simple healthy recipes! You create recipes and the app helps you perfect it. You choose the ingredients that are already in your fridge and use our Artificial Intelligence to create a list of recipe recommendations, improve the recipe, and get step-by-step cooking instructions for great recipes. This recipe app was created through a collaboration between professional chefs and data scientists, and makes cooking vegetarian recipes a dream and helps you eat healthy. Start cooking tasty recipes for a delicious diet!

Shopping List
If you create recipes or add a recipe to your meal planner, you can easily add missing ingredients to your shopping list. Plant Jammer recipes allow you to both cook with what you have on hand and also plan ahead with the meal planner! Creating a shopping list will save you time instead of manually writing paper grocery lists.

Plant Jammer, YOU and the PLANET
Plant Jammer’s vision is to make you the boss of tasty vegetarian recipes while discovering cuisines and tastes that you would have never imagined to cook. When you use the app, it is easier to eat healthy, for you, your loved ones, and the planet. You can cook without food waste in your home by using what you have. Also, you can focus on cooking with local seasonal vegetables, making it easy to reduce your meat consumption.

We make a fully or partly vegan or vegetarian way of eating delicious and easy to follow step-by-step cooking instructions. Whether you choose to eat vegetarian for breakfast, lunch or dinner or if you choose to follow a completely plant-based diet, your efforts to live sustainably make a difference for the planet! Replacing meat with plants reduces CO2 emissions greatly and using ingredients at your disposal reduces food waste. You can have a healthier, more delicious diet with a lower environmental impact, waste less food and learn to cook new recipes. What’s not to like?

Any comments?
We appreciate your feedback on the recipes, meal planner, shopping list, recipes that you have cooked or any other opinions on Plant Jammer!
Just send an email to michael[at]plantjammer.com

The Jammers

Empty my fridge user reviews :

This is how computing should work. Semantic Web / Linked Open Data / Knowledge Graph call it what you want, structured data enables magic. Great UX so far. Love that recipe steps have icons with labels and quantities right there. Try modeling intents (we do this because…) and tests (check that you did it right by…) for a fully structured skill markup language. You’d get recipe badges that let you render a “sensitivity” dimension (how loose can I wing it and still get it right)

Saw that the app had changed, so re-installed. OK, if you want to start with the ingredients, the AI is great at suggesting possible dishes and other ingredients and seasonings that go with your selection. OTOH, I can’t look things up by type of dish (soup, salad, stew, etc), I miss that feature. And too many cuisines are behind a paywall. But the real deal-breaker is that I have no way to look up saved recipes. What use is saving them if I never see them again? Sorry, uninstalling (again).

I used to love this app, but I’m not thrilled with the newest update. Any attempt to find settings beyond the language results in a prompt to pay for themes–I’ve been subscribed for a couple of years now and they should be automatically included, especially with the apparent removal of goals that are why I got the paid version in the first place.

  • Hi. We had to completely rebuild the app, because Google no longer accepted the old one. I’d love to adapt the app to your needs. Mind a 10 minute interview, so I can understand your needs and adapt the app? Just write on michael[at]plantjammer.com. Pssst – you can also download the old app here:  www.plantjammer.com/downloadapk

After a couple years without this app (I had gotten a phone with limited space) I was looking for a cooking app and remembered how helpful this app was for me. All other recipe apps paled in comparison, nothing was as flexible, as easy to use, as diverse as plant jammer. Now, I downloaded it again and was shocked by how different it was. I understand that the team had to remove their app and rebuild a new one. I hope soon they can make something wonderful again. I’ll be waiting, thanks you guys.

  • thank you for your feedback – and support. We will keep working on it! Pssst – you can also download the old app here:  www.plantjammer.com/downloadapk

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