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EZ HabitSmall Calendar (Dot View)
Stay motivated by seeing your habits and tasks grow at a glance. The small calendar widget displays your monthly data right on your home screen, allowing you to track everything without the need to open another screen.

To do Feature
Manage your tasks and stay organized with the integrated to-do feature. Easily create, track, and complete your to-do lists right within the app. Never forget an important task again!

Fully Customizable
Personalize your experience to suit your preferences. Customize habit colors, app colors, and choose between light and dark modes. With a wide range of color options, the UI is designed to be simplistic yet visually appealing.

Timeline Note
Keep track of your habits and tasks easily using the timeline note feature. Capture your monthly progress and use it as a journal or bullet journal. It’s a convenient tool for those who enjoy journaling and want to visually see their habits and tasks over time.

Statistical Insights
Gain valuable insights into your habits and tasks with comprehensive statistics, charts, and graphs. The app provides weekly targets to help you gauge your productivity and track your progress effectively.

Yearly Calendar
Visualize your habit data on a yearly view to see how your habits have developed over time. The yearly calendar organizes your habits on a weekly basis, allowing you to stay motivated and witness your growth month by month.

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EZ Habit user reviews :

Another simplistic and amazing app. Every day, I get to see a simple chart. “Did you do it, or did you not.” The simple interface let’s me set reminders, set goal tracking based on days, and has a color-coded calendar view. Really has helped me stay on top of repetitive goals. Can’t remember if I paid for this, but if I could buy it again, I would 10 times over. Very simply perfect. Thanks devs!

Really well-made app with none of the extra fluff that other similar apps have. You can customize just about everything you want to customize – change the colors and stickers, set goals, send reminders, write notes, and sort your habits in whatever way you choose – or you can keep it simple and just check your habits off every day. Either way it is super simple and intuitive to use, and works well. Really great product here.

I like the app so far, pretty helpful. I have noticed that there is an issue with editing a habit. I change a habits title and when the reminder went off it was still set to the old title. For example: Original title was “Drink Water (Morning).” I changed it to “Drink Water Daily.” When the reminder goes off its still says “Drink Water (Morning).” I had to completely delete that habit and create a new one. So a little glitchy, but I do like it. It is easy to use.

  • Hi Brandi. Thank you so much for the report. Gonna fix it ASAP

I love this app so much I had to leave a review. I’ve tried a bunch of different habit trackers and this is the only one that’s actually kept me on my goals with its simple interface. It’s no hassle adding or moving habits around. It’s so easy to make and organise your habits, I do them by colours. The interface is very simple and pretty to look at. The ads are VERY non-intrusive, like I forget theres even ads cause I rarely see or come across any. The perfect habit app

Edit: changed it to 5 stars. Thank you for your response! It’s a perfect tracking app and I’ll be purchasing this. Original: This app is definitely what I was looking for. The UI is nice and simple. It works as I needed it as a tracker. One downside I encountered so far is I haven’t found a way to rearrange the order of the habits entered. I like my habits to be grouped together in categories, but all new ones are defaulted to be created at the bottom with no way of rearranging.

  • Hi There. You can hold and drag the habit to reorder it. And if you have many habits and want it to be grouped together. We have label feature (premium) to categorize and filter out your habit. Thanks

I love the simplicity of the app and how easy it is to visually see your habits and streaks. I also appreciate how many colors are available. The only two improvements the app needs are: 1. More and much better variaty of icons. The current ones are pretty bad and don’t really reflect habits much. 2. Categories for habits. Let’s say mindful eating and exercise would be in health category. 3. Lastly, habits with measuring. Example: drinking water isn’t enough, I want to mark how many cups. Thx

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