F1 Mobile Racing – Lets you race against the greatest drivers on the planet

[Game] F1 Mobile Racing

F1 Mobile Racing  Develop and customise your own F1 car from the ground up, or race for one of the 10 official F1 teams, to challenge opponents from around the world to thrilling multiplayer duels.

Featuring official circuits from the 2018 season, including the return of Hockenheim in Germany, F1 Mobile Racing lets you race against the greatest drivers on the planet including Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso.

It’s you against your rival with the simple aim to be the first to the line!

OFFICIAL MOBILE GAME OF FORMULA 1®: F1 MobileRacing is an official mobile game for the 2018 FIA Formula 1 World Championship™ featuring all of the teams, cars, drivers and circuits.

REAL TIME MULTIPLAYER: Play freely with players from around the world in real-time 1v1 races to make your way to the top leagues.

DEVELOP AND UPGRADE YOUR OWN F1 CAR: Collect the appropriate parts to upgrade your car’s performance and find the best configuration for each Grand Prix™!

STUNNING GRAPHICS: Enjoy the feeling of being a real F1 driver with gorgeous visuals.

THRILLING RACES: Take part in the greatest racing spectacle on the planet with a console-quality gameplay experience on your mobile.

TIME LIMITED EVENTS: Race in special ‘time limited events’ that coincide with the official F1 Grand Prix and earn exclusive in-game rewards.

F1 Mobile Racing user reviews :

After the new update had a lot of bug and the game would not move past the loading screen. I uninstalled and re-installed the game in the hopes that it would fix the issue but in the process it has wiped out over 2 and half years of game progress I had. It has also erased the purchase of the redbull car I made with money spent on the game. This is really disappointing and has caused me to completely lose interest in the game.

The AI players still aggressive and do stupid moves especially in braking zones, Ghosting system improved but unfair players can push an AI car towards me which will push me outside the track and when trying to return to track limits I find myself getting a penalty for track limits or corner cutting, some penalties in certain tracks are very tough for very long time and sometimes unfair. It’s only a one lap race and no time to compensate. Other than that it’s an amazing game and very challenging

Great game, but could do with blue flags…I managed to take 22+ seconds off the race leader to win, all because he was stuck behind backmarkers. Also, there has to be a way to discourage unfair driving. I get why some are asking for ghost cars in order to avoid the horrible drivers, but I believe that would take away from the enjoyment of the game…all you’d have to do then is stay on the racing line and if your car’s faster, you’d win…no need to make decisions when racing into a corner.

It is really great game. Graphic and control are very good. It doesn’t get repetitive in short amount of time. You can explore many tracks, and optimize your car settings in so many possibilities. The problem is when you play multiplayer. Sometimes the opponent is unfair, and he win. Or, we get penalized for contact when charged by the opponent. I still recommend this game, it is great, but please make the penalty system better.

Really it’s amazing, but sometimes I feel it’s biased. When you follow the rules and your opponent makes mistakes like crossing the corners or stepping on the curb and the he didn’t slow down, and finally won the dual, you feel angry. One more thing is that when you did a rapid progress and your score grows fast , I feel the game intentionally tries to make you lose.

Unfortunately, one cannot see the track. You can’t race if you go off every curve and using the 3D racing line is of zero help. Possibly, do a massive clean up of the graphics to decrease the surroundings pixels and convert that to being able to see the actual racetrack. This game has tremendous potential, given the sport. Thanks, anyway!

Game was great fun up untill today’s patch(3/12/18). Steering wheel controls are now extremely twitchy. I’ve tried turning the sensitivity down as far as possible but still doesn’t fix it. Outside of that it’s a great game if you’re an F1 fan and the microtransactions are at an acceptable enough level for me personally. Would recommend it and hope the game keeps being developed for and updated

The controls and graphics are fantastic. Although the R&D section is kind of dull. Also, obtaining the blueprints take up 2-8 hours(based on rarity). But otherwise it is a pretty good racing game for mobile.

great f1 experience on the mobile phobe and i cant stop playing. I hope classic cars and tracks get added in the future.

its pretty fun, but you have really gotta grind
  • Codemasters Software Company Ltd
  • Hi there :) in the Options menu after the tutorial, you’ll be able to change all aspects of your control style/input, incuding acceleration, braking and assists. Thanks

WoW, what a game, best racing game I have played on a mobile phone, this plays great on Samsung s8, graphics are superb, spot on, well done developers

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More tweaks and improvements behind the scenes to optimise your gameplay experience.

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