Fortress Under Siege HD – You are the last hope of the kingdom

[Game] Fortress Under Siege HD

Fortress Under Siege HD  A conspiracy throws our kingdom into the most dangerous moment, which needs you and your army to shoulder the responsibility of safeguarding the kingdom.

The powerful enemy already launches the attack, which leaves you no choice as you are the last hope of the kingdom.

The particular fortress construction mode allows you to build the unique fortress of your own, which will bring you a strong sense of proud especially when seeing tens of thousands of enemies fall in front of your elaborate fortress.

Feel free to build walls and fortresses, set up gatehouses, pits, barriers and towers and paint pitch on the ground to launch fire attack against your enemy. You can also build all kinds of buildings to boost your soldier’s battle efficiency. The establishment of magic towers enables you to use magic. Arrow towers and round towers of different scale help you to form solid defensive line.

You can also have your archers shoot enemies on the wall…
With 22 types of military units and numerous styles of bosses, the game will impress you with rich and skillful playing methods, for example, upgrading your soldiers’ level or building function all make your defensive line more strong. Weather your fortress can survive the surrounded enemies?

With the vast battlefield and splendid background music, you are sure to throw yourself into this war in the Middle Ages.

Story Mode:
10 epic campaigns with 50 levels
Glory Mode:
Hold fast to your fortress and stand firm against your enemy for 20 days.


22 types of units
Various Bosses
47 map types
Superior AI
Unit upgrade mode
Building upgrade mode
Magnificent background music
Auto save

Thanks for your support. EASYTECH 2013

Fortress Under Siege HD user reviews :

Really great game. Only complaint. The screen borders are wider than my phone, so i cant see a quarter inch of the game screen. Please add a way to adjust the screen.

The game was fun to play. But I got a new phone and cant restore any of my previous data. I’d be fine if it was just my data but problem is that I spent a substantial amount of money on game gold. Don’t spend money on the game because it doesn’t have a saving game progress function.

Lml maybe you guys should list the game under offline strategy to make it easier to find….I forgot the name so it took a whole lot of searching and brianstorming to find it lml…but the game is great…five stars from me.

This game is cool, but its money system is annoying. You only gain x amount of gold for completing a level. The trick is, failing a level or over-commiting resources can put you in an endless hole, cuz you don’t get any money back! Other than that, I love the battle gameplay and classic 2D graphics!

It’s a great castle building siege defense game and I love it. Great job on this game it’s definitely my favorite offline game so far keep up the good work

Very good game but it has several display problems wjich urgently need to be fixed

Amazing but there should be a sandbox mode or a online battle PvP game mode please this and the other game I have had this game on both my phones.

Its a great game but lack of more campaigns, hoping there will be added for the next update

very good game but the picture is too big and doesn’t let me play the game properly on a oneplus 6 will update to 5* when the issue is fixed

I really want to play SO BAD, so is it possible to make it available on my s9+, this is for many others not just me. But whoever reads this, Fortress Under Siege is a 5 STAR! game but only works on older devices

For all those with s9 go to display settings click full screen apps and click on your fortress under siege app to turn on and should make game full screen hope this helps dont know about s9+ this has worked for my s9 tho. pls rate high to get it to top

Really good game so amazing to watch and command those troops and build

I think its WONDERFUL also i think it would be the best if you could…like add a game mode where you’ll organize an army to attack a castle… Also ita hard to organize your castle because some structures cover others ,like the ballista or the catapult… They’re too big so you cannot see the troops you placex behind them.. Overall its the best strategy game i ever played..awesome

This game is one of the best games i have played i actually played it so much for the first few days that i would close my eyes and see it but after i beat the story mode i thought that one thing that would make this game better is a sandbox mode. I would possibly not stop playing after that.

Latest Update :

1. Added Immersive Mode support. (KitKat or higher).
2. Added language support forTraditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese.
3. Improved the processing logic for the Back key.
4. Updated to the latest Google Billing services.
5. Add support for x86 device. (Intel inside)
6. Added automatic screen orientation. (Gingerbread or higher)
7.Fixed system crash in Android 4.0 or higher when locking screen.

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Video :

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