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[App] Get Motivated – Daily positive affirmations

Get MotivatedGet Motivated : Positive thinking gets boosted with daily positive affirmations.

Get motivated with powerful aphorisms, wise words, and beautiful motivational quotes from great authors, philosophers and celebrities. Use this motivational quotes app as QOTD “quote of the day” and boost your positivity to stay motivated as you pursue your life goals.

Quotes about life will get you driven for success. Quotes of wisdom will inspire you to strive for greatness. Philosophical quotes will leave you thinking deeply. Positivity quotes will lift you up high.

Beautiful motivation images can be shared on Social media or saved to your device gallery. You can also build up a gallery of your favorite motivational images within the Get Motivated app.

This great free quotes app will help you to get your dose of daily motivational quotes and will keep you on the road to your self forged destiny! The simplest way to boost your motivation is to engage with the thoughts and inspirations of great minds. Positive thoughts start here.

We all need some motivation from time to time, whether it is study motivation, workout motivation, or simply just the motivation to keep going. Find your center through the motivational images in this free app.

This simple app is meant to inspire you and increase your positive thoughts, but you can easily share the motivational images with your friends with just the touch of a button. The app serves a near endless stream of daily positive quotes directly to your phone, ready to be shared with your friends. Spread the love and help motivate others to achieve greatness too!

Get Motivated user reviews :

excellent collections of quotes. tried many apps. the collection is too good. recommended.
  • Twinc Apps
  • Thanks for the stamp of approval, Dany.
My self worth and discipline has improved since i read positive thoughts from the ‘Get Motivated’ app more and more each time!
  • Twinc Apps
  • Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you’re having such a positive experience with the app.
Great quotes and images
  • Twinc Apps
  • Thank you for your review.
this app is full of quites that are meant ti motivate the readsr but I got so wrapped up in what the next one was von a be I didnt get anything done
  • Twinc Apps
  • Glad you are enjoying the endless stream of quotes. Let me know if you have any request that would help us earn the fifth star.

Endless variety of motivational quotes.

It is nice but does not follow a basic procedure, it might be boring with you are not patient
  • Twinc Apps
  • Thanks for the feedback. This app has lots of room for further development, please contact me if you’d like to discuss your suggested basic procedure further – dev.twinc[at]
Great App! Very helpful and it is very helpful with Motivation!!
  • Twinc Apps
  • Thanks for your review of our motivational quotes app.
I’m also learning android programming, and you honestly inspire me to keep on going :) great app and keep learning!
  • Twinc Apps
  • Thank you for the review. Let me know when you publish your first project!
It’s a nice simple fun idea and well done on getting to your first release, it’s a good feeling isn’t it?
  • Twinc Apps
  • Thank you for the review. I look forward to expanding on the idea!

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The application has been temporarily removed from the google play store

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