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Good morning  What can the whole family, adults and kids do together?

Of course, they can play useful educational kids games with a good exciting story inside! And so, yesterday we told bedtime stories and said good night to all boys and girls. But the alarm clock rings and funny city wakes up! Hurry up, it is necessary to say good morning to all its citizens. This time we came up with new logical tasks, funny puzzles and wonderful bright pictures. The educational kids games and fairy tales became even more interesting, various and exciting.

Every citizen of the seaside city has its own interesting tasks in the morning. Together with the characters we will brush teeth, take a shower, do exercises and cleaning up, prepare a meal and we will even work with difficult devices of a large lighthouse! But the alarm clock won’t wake up everybody. Father Leo has three alarm clocks in his room and every morning he fights with them with a help of pillows and slippers.

We will help father to wake up and we will tell him good morning. And only after then he will go and brush his teeth, take a shower and then with new energy he will begin to make new stories and educational fairy tales for toddlers. And what interesting logical tasks are waiting for us on a pirate ship of the uncle raccoon and in a large old lighthouse? What do the pirate cook and the ship boy do in the mornings? And how many interesting tasks are waiting for mother Jozie this morning in the kitchen? You will find it from new great educational kids game good morning, Hippo!

Series of games good morning and good night are wonderful fairy tales and interactive stories with educational elements which will be good for all ages. In addition, this new game, like all our educational kids games, is absolutely for free!

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Good morning user reviews :

It is a very nice game but the ads are annoying if you can fix it I will give you a 5 star review
  • Hippo Kids Games
  • Thank you for your feedback. The game can be free only with help of ads. If you liked the game, you can buy the full version with bonuses and without ads.
I love this game so much this is a beautiful game there are very good habits in this game it’s useful for children’s so I love this game so much and my sister and brother love this game so much
  • Hippo Kids Games
  • Thank you for your feedback! We are very happy that you like our game.
Very good game for kids really loved by my daughter
  • Hippo Kids Games
  • Thank you for your comment. We are pleased that our users like our games. We work for you and your kids.
This Game is not good! if u complete the tasks, or something like that, it’ll start again and again! Whyy cant u just make it like other games that I can Drag and make my own Breakfast! its good for kiddo 3 to 7 or 8 base on there mind or if there 13 and still childish they can play this! But its very boring! I dont recommend this except you’ll like it, Fix this so we will make our own morning story routine! Ur just helping the hipo fam to find things and give food and wake them up, boring!!
  • Hippo Kids Games
  • Thank you for your comment. What should we do to make the game better? It is very important for us to communicate with our users.
I love this game it’s so fun and a mystical 10-minute come home from school always play again and again and again every single day when I come home from school it’s so fun please say yes or no to this game if you don’t like it that’s yes if you do Personnel if you don’t
  • Hippo Kids Games
  • Thank you for your feedback! We are very happy that you like our game.
The game is good but there are too many ad please do something.
  • Hippo Kids Games
  • Thank you for your comment. You can just skip ads in the game.
it is Wonderful game where I played it And it is also so much fun in the game I will give this game five stars I think everyone will like this wonderful game.
  • Hippo Kids Games
  • Thank you for your feedback. We are always very happy when we receive 5 stars.
its very fun its ausome! I just love it! I know its a baby game but i still play no matter what!
  • Hippo Kids Games
  • Thank you for your comment. We are happy that our game makes your mood better.

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