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Bubble Link

We are excited to introduce you to a perfect fun game!

Spend hours of fun with this puzzle-matching addictive game! Link colorful bubbles and pop them all!

Bubble Link – Connect & Match is a time-killing perfect puzzle matching game that will train your brain and test your skills as you connect bubbles, win levels and clear your mind.

Match the colorful 3D bubbles to create a chain blast and clear the board! Can you connect them all?

Don’t miss out on this awesome and relaxing game! Download and become the Bubble Link – Connect & Match master!

Play now and enjoy challenging and fun gameplay with tons of puzzles to solve. Complete the different missions, connect all dots, set at the beginning of each level, master the challenges, and win awesome in-game rewards.

Match and link three or more dots to pop your way through the levels
Go for the big matches – flow between as many bubbles as possible to generate massive explosions
Plan your moves carefully, and plan a strategy using and creating different boosters:
Bombs: To create a Bomb, you will have to link 8 or 10 bubbles. Tap it, and It will then create an explosion around it and remove the objects in that range.
Rockets: To create a Rocket, you must link 5 or 7 bubbles. The rocket will flow and pop an entire row!
Bubble Remover: To create the Bubble Remover, you need to connect 11 bubbles or more – then tap it and pop all bubbles with the same color!

Connect three or more adjacent bubbles to pop them
Hundreds of puzzles to enjoy
Easy and fun to play connect game
Clear levels and blast through quests to win amazing rewards
Powerful boosters that will help you get past those tricky levels
Relaxing puzzle link game to play with family and friends
Team up with other players – ask for help and talk to players around the world

Play anytime and anywhere you want. No internet or Wi-Fi connection is needed; play online or offline.

Get ready to train your brain with hundreds of amazing levels filled with cool challenges and brain teasers. Test your skills as you flow through and pop 3D bubbles, and blast your way to the top.

This incredible puzzle link game is simple and easy to learn, perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

It’s easy just to pick up and play!- Download today and join the fun!

Note that Bubble Link – Connect & Match ads do not necessarily show actual gameplay.

Have any questions for us? Contact our support team at support[at]ilyon.net

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Bubble Link user reviews :

It’s good, could be better. There seems to be no way to make the straight arrow bombs point up/down or right/left – it seems whichever you need the game ensures you don’t get. So if you’re about to win and you need the straight arrow bombs to shoot down, you can make 20 but they’ll only shoot right/left – and usually not close enough to stack so they do both.

I am giving the app a 1 star due to it being very frustrating that after each level, you have to deal with watching 2 Ad’s before you can even go to the next level. It would make it so much better if you only had to watch an Ad every couple of levels. I uninstalled the app because of the Ad’s, it makes the game no fun.

I am obsessed with this game (and Tile Link) but I recently switched phones and requested support to make sure my progress was saved. I’m logged into Play on both phones, but for whatever reason, I can’t access my progress on my new phone. The support just isn’t good. I have tried through chat and through submitting a ticket, but no one has responded and solved the issue. Very disappointed.

The game play is fine. Nothing unique, though. Unfortunately, I cannot find a purchase option, and after a few intro boards, there are two ads between each board. I’m uninstalling and continuing my search for a paid version of the game. I’m not anti-ads, but there’s no chance yo actually get into playing with therr being two new ads every two minutes.

I played 10 levels on this and quit. There is an ad, or two, after everything. Doesn’t matter that you can stop them it takes the fun out of the game. It’s not really that fun anyway.

This used to be a fun game until you took away ALL of the other ways to extent play unless you have coins to buy extra moves or pay. And you guys are freaking cheap with the coins!!!! If you can’t finish a level in the alloted amount of moves you either start over or pay. Why would you take away the add 2 moves away? Use to be my favorite game but no more.

Got to level 1800 and videos stopped loading. I had to reinstall because I couldn’t earn points and stuff to use.

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