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Goodville  Goodville is an original blend of classic farm game with an emotional well-being care app.

It combines the gaming industry expertise with the scientific approach to address mental health issues from a completely new angle. Unique interactive content produced with the involvement of psychologists and scientists to achieve and maintain emotional well-being.

Raise awareness about modern and effective approaches to achieve emotional well-being and improve your lifestyle.

Help Jane to renovate her farm and discover all the secrets of Goodville. You will meet a bunch of vivid characters, who will assist you on each step of your journey, so you won’t stay alone with the challenges that Goodville has to offer.
Feed animals, harvest crops, milk cows, fulfil the orders, develop and renovate your farm. Explore the neighborhood, solve quests and tests to be aware of your cognitive and psychological condition.

Build your own safe haven and get ready for the next big adventure during expeditions.


1st game to maintain emotional well-being: learn more about mental health by communicating with in-game characters and fulfilling exciting tasks.
Test your cognitive and psychological condition to be aware of your current state and improve your lifestyle.
Explore, renovate and customize your farm
Fulfil orders and trade crops and fresh goods with neighbors
Build your own safe haven.

This game requires a constant internet connection.
Goodville is completely free to play with optional in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings.

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Goodville user reviews :

Excellent game! A game that cures depression! For real! Pros: reasonable crafting time; no annoying ads pop-up (so far) unless asked for; nice storyline and characters; the bargaining is brilliant and whoever had the idea to add the health tests and such awareness is an angel and a genius and I congratulate the team for a one-of-a-kind game. Cons: obviously not.
  • Stork Limited
  • Thank you very much for the review! As we can see you are a new player so let us warn you game might be chalenging sometimes, and if any questions appear on your way or maybe you have suggestions – feel free to contact us at support[at]

This game is enjoyable, and you can do a lot more in this game than in other resource based games. They give a lot of options for replenishing energy. My only two issues – they need to work on the translations (some of the dialogue doesn’t make sense) and they need to work on resource distribution. It seems like I am always out of wood and iron no matter how much I farm.

Update: Game play is varied enough to stay fresh. Support is prompt and truly helpful. This is a sim type game. After over 8 months playing i can confirm that in game resources and patience are enough to get the full game play experience. If you are out of energy there are other tasks that can be completed while waiting for energy to refresh. In game characters have interesting personalities. Overall it is a very enjoyable experience.

It’s an app that works well with the phrase “good intentions, bad judgment”. Making things doesn’t take much time at all in terms of how long the item itself actually takes to make, but farming the resources can take much more time due to how much energy you have to spend to get an adequate number of resources to make the item to begin with. As an app designed for mental well-being, I’m significantly MORE stressed out while trying to play this game. Also getting water is very annoying as well.

Game is fun. Like everyone else says, energy could be better. Water could be better too. Like maybe we could have more than one well or it gives more than one drop. Also the option to rotate buildings would be awesome. Other than those things, this game is truly fun

It’s a fun game , love every part of it besides the lack of energy and how much stuff cost in energy to remove it, is insane that I would have to buy to just keep my energy level up to do the stuff I need to do. I would rate it 5 stars if it was easier to keep your energy build up!

This is AWESOME. After a long time I got a farming plus adventure game which has very low waiting time for the crops to grow and for anything to make in factory or bakery. Plus you have lots of option to gain energy. The only thing I would to improve is the energy idle time from 50 to something higher. Thank you.

Latest Update :

Dear Goodvillers! Rise and shine with the new update:

New story “Paul’s Back”
Part Two of Goodville’s dungeon “Arboretum”
New event “Home and Garden”
Community settings for accepting new players: open, closed, and invitation only
New Dr Socool lessons

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