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Habit BuilderHabit Builder is a simple, beautiful app that provides you with the right tools to keep track of your habits and understand your progress. T

he app is free, open source, and respects your privacy by storing everything on-device.

Keep track of your habits

Log your habits every day with Habit Builder. Instantly see your progress over the past few days.

Visualize your progress

Get insights into your habits and spot patterns instantly. Habit Builder keeps track of your most successful habits, the most active day for each habit, and other useful statistics.


Customize each habit with custom colors and notes. Choose the layout that fits your needs.

Your data

Your data never leaves your device as Habit Builder stores everything locally. The app works without an internet connection and you never need to create an account or share your data.

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Habit Builder user reviews :

This app is superb! Pleasing to look at while also being simple to use! A couple features and this’d be perfect : 1. Alarms or reminders for habits. I don’t use this but I know a lot of people that do. 2. The option to add a note under specific days. This helps when I’m looking back to what specifically I was doing on that day. 3. Way more colors for habits! And more customization fof fonts and the theme for the app would be amazing as well! Hope these are added, can’t wait to see more!

The app is great and easy to use but I would like to suggest a few things and I hope the team implements this.. if it gets updated, I’m going to give it a full 5 star. 1. I would like the team to change the tick to having a green tick rather than it been a circles in the habit page 2. I would like them to add alarms to remind you of your daily habits 3. Add more font, so users can choose which font to use (Current font sucks and its too bold)

Exactly the kind of app we need more of. Does a very few things really, really well instead of a lot of things sort of well. Intuitive and modern. Very easy to pick up. Nice work!

I LOVE THIS APP. So far I haven’t had any issues or needed to pay for anything, free and simple was all I needed. I like that if you miss one day of your habit you only loose your streak. Thank you so much for creating something that actually keeps me productive. I would like maybe a to do list feature, where you can create tasks and when you complete it you unlock something like a streak protecter. Just an idea but please keep this app free and user friendly forever.

The app is not only visually pleasing, but also functional. My suggestion is just to add an alarm feature for habits so that I would be reminded to do said habit at the same time every day. It would make the app more competitive compared to competitors.

i like the minimal design and the different viewing types that show frequency of the habits, they make habit tracking not as stressful. I recommend a feature where users can track habits by inputting numbers to have a more specific tracking, like for tracking hours of sleep or liters of water drank

Everything you need from a habit tracker without unnecessary bells and whistles. Well-designed, intuitive and lightweight.

I was actually searching for an app that exactly does but didn’t know the right word for it, and randomly came across it. It’s simple, cute, easy on the eyes and effective. Thanks!

really nice app but the widget doesn’t work & the statistics are kinda confusing (especially the yearly statistics)

Simple, effective, Beautiful

The app itself is amazing But the widget needs to improve It not working properly, frankly it shows nothing

It’s such a great app with simple features. so that’s make me easy to use this app everyday.

It’s a cool app with a clean interface and stats, but it doesn’t have the multiple times per week option, it only works for daily habits, also no reminders option.

A great app, I would just like to add more colors

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