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Hero of Taslinia  Mankind were slaves to the Lusus Hellions once… But a united force of man, dryads, and elves rose up, and defeated those creatures. With the Hellions sealed away, the Kingdom enjoyed years of peace… But somehow the Hellions found a way to claw themselves back! Now you must choose to rise up against them or fall to be their victims once again.

In Hero of Taslinia, you create your own team to battle out against all kinds of strong foes that may tip the balance between good and evil.

Play with friends to earn extra benefits, help each other or battle it out to see who is stronger. Craft and collect powerful weapons and armors to show the world!


2. Create your hero, customize your team, craft powerful weapons and armors!
3. Play the “HoT” story to help defeat the Hellions!
4. Participate in intense PVP battles to win more!
5. Join clans to protect lands from invading World Bosses and other clans!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HeroofTaslinia
Discord: discord.gg/TUR3AdKMmJ

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Hero of Taslinia user reviews :

I truly love this game. Fun and great for f2p and p2p both. Only have one issue. Two of my heros don’t have all their learned abilities only in pvp mode. Tried to contact support twice. The first time my claim dissappear after update with no response and now I can’t get claim to upload. Just buffers on wifi and data mode… Please address the pvp issues…
  • Whoot!
  • Hi, we will help you solve any issues that you have encountered, and try to improve the quality of our customer service. Please tell us in detail about your issue, your user ID and we will check it for you. Thank you. Tess

Heroof Taslinia is a long term commitment type game. Especially if you’re F2P. Been playing for over 6 months. The Devs really care about the game. They frequently add new contents. Which is a double edged sword. The further you get the better it gets. Patience and planning are key. Expect to hit progress walls. I don’t have anything to complain about for now.

This game is a great. Cute detailed graphics with a decent storyline. 6 classes that has 3 subclasses each. If you like a turnbased rpg, this one is for you. Their customer support is very reliable too cause theyre very responsive, if you have any technical concernas you can directly email them or chat their FB page. My only worry in the game is that its hard to acquire basic forging dust. I hope they can make it more accessible.
  • Whoot!
  • Hi Miguel! Thanks for the detailed feedback! We are currently working on a way to integrate more dust output in the game paired with more contents and play styles. We hope you will enjoy it once we release the update in the near future!

Honestly as a f2p player, this game has been absolutely fantastic. At first I was hesitant to play this game because of the ads but when I started playing, it instantly got me hooked. Sometimes frustrating but rewards and cute characters make it worth the time.

The game it self is good,i can say the best among similiar game out there but my concern is… Why we need to connect it to facebook to make our account binded to cloud save. I deleted my facebook long time ago, also why this game dont have googleplay as an options to save players account? I dont want to spend my money if i have to bind it with my facebook account
  • Whoot!
  • Hi Tito, we currently allow guest login, and will soon support Google + IOS game center logins too. We apologize for the long wait!

It’s a good game and not so complicated to play (compared to AFK arena now having too many features and becoming full P2W), but you should add Google account bind to the game, or at least unbind Facebook account feature should be available. I accidentally binded my first account with my Facebook but I messed up the gameplay so I started over by guest account but I can’t bind with anything. I’ve planned to subscribe VIP but I’m not gonna do it if I can’t bind my new guest account with anything.

So far it’s an excellent game . It’s been very enjoyable and not too complicated. Not expensive. I agree. Ensure you find a good clan and you will be be better off and enjoy the game. Sometimes difficult getting updates. I still think it is a fantastic game. Enjoy!

I have played this game for a long time and it’s still one of my favorites. I’m thankful for all the events and new updates and whatnot. Very addictive and easy to navigate. The story and lore are pretty neat as well. All around a great game and recommend to everyone!

Latest Update :

Fixed some known bugs.

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