Heroes of the Dark – Experience dark mysteries of the Victorian Era

[Game] Heroes of the Dark

Heroes of the Dark  Heroes of the Dark is a strategy RPG that lets you experience dark mysteries of the Victorian Era, combined with strategy gameplay and dynamic RPG battles. Explore a grim Victorian world in which an act of war destroyed the Moon.

Brave Heroes can start their adventure strong with the von Meremoth Eye, an epic Orb capable of unleashing a Hero’s most powerful ability! You’ll receive it as a gift for pre-registering and downloading the game within the first two weeks.

Elite Vampiric masters of arcane knowledge, tribes of Werewolves, and the last surviving Humans fight for powerful Moon Crystals, and control over the Heart of Tenebris, a moon artifact that controls the tides of fate.

Build and Conquer a Kingdom in a Victorian Empire

Discover the dynamics of a magic, war-ravaged Earth where Vampires, Werewolves and Humans become allies, as heroes and villains.
Different troops and armies rise and unite their forces to restore world order. Optimize the class-based squad for different synergies and outsmart the enemy. Different Heroes will protect you and your allies against strong enemies.

Real-Time Multiplayer PvP Experience to Recruit Dark Heroes

Recruit, develop, and gear up a cross-species team of Humans, Werewolves, and Vampires—each with their own story and set of powers. Play with other Vampires and Werewolves. Fight or recruit them to your cause.
Work with your alliance and expand your empire by capturing Crystal fragments, whole map regions, and ultimately the Heart of Tenebris itself—the key to the Empire.

RPG Action Set in the Victorian Era

Different Heroes to choose from: The Vampires that have always looked for their own gains, the Werewolves that are looking for their new king after the Moon’s destruction, and the Humans—with their technology—who want the Kingdom for themselves.
Discover different sets of Equipment for your Heroes. Forge your gear, upgrade your stats, and lead your armies to battle.

Create a Mansion to Upgrade

Rise from the ashes and rebuild your ancient base. Protect your Mansion, as it is your base. Upgrade it into an HQ for your Quest, and a haven where all species can co-exist in peace.
Dominate the Kingdom from the Throne in your Mansion. Select allies and defend it from your enemies.

Online Multiplayer PvP & PvE Battles

Fight in quick, strategic 5v5 battles. Explore Dungeons and go on Quests to win different rewards.
Team up with your allies for all-out alliance wars and rise to the top.

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Heroes of the Dark user reviews :

I see MUCH potential in this game. They DEFINITELY need to allow server choosing/transferring of some sort as soon as possible. I was hoping to try this game with my friends but there is no option. Next: The number of heroes in the game is quite low even for an initial launch, it will lack diversity quickly. Lastly, hero summons should have a chance at giving full hero, not just shards. It’s too expensive as is. I hope to return and try the game again in 2 months and see if things improve.

I wish I could give this a higher score. It does get style points since there is a distinct lack of vampire themed games on the Play Store but ultimately this is a paint-by-nunbers clone of a game you’ve played a bunch of times before. Bunches of people on the map, your mansion (city) has a shield that eventually expires and people raid your resources while you’re sleeping. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t super disappointed with this one.

The game itself is great overall. But theres still alot of work has to be done to make it a perfect game. First make this game a free to play friendly in the future and poket friendly as well, but not totally a pay to win if the game becomes a P2W then i believe players will be disappointed and eventually quit. 2nd add more rewards so players can be satisfied with it, beside that the game is great. Five stars from me.

Amazing game, would have given it a 5 stars but I play on PC and this is the first time I haven’t been able to type whatsoever on a mobile game with a keyboard. It makes it nearly impossible to interact with guilds and I can’t ask for in game help. If you could somehow make it keyboard compatible it would mean alot for those of us using keyboards. Oh and the fact that you can’t call back your troops after sending help for your guild isn’t cool. Practically sending your team to die.Waste of dust.

Latest Update :

Introducing Edison Markoni, the Enlightened Electro-Master. A true expert of electricity, he will not hesitate to test his theories on unsuspecting foes.
New hard mode Campaign will help players receive more resources to strengthen their Mansions.
The addition of an exciting new taunt combat ability that Tank-class Heroes will be armed with.
The Wererabbit Hunt: We’re celebrating Easter in Tenebris by adding a series of Events!
Bug fixes & performance optimization

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