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[Game] War Alliance Heroes

War Alliance Heroes  Take on players around the world, leading your forces to victory in War Alliance, the action-packed, real-time PvP Battle Arena game that introduces unique, controllable Heroes to the genre.

Bring your ever-growing, upgradeable deck of cards into battle with you, deploying them on the battlefield, supporting your Hero, and ultimately taking down your opponent, earning glory and sweet rewards.

Climb the ranks, grab awesome loot, and much more in War Alliance!

Battle it out in REAL-TIME PVP matches against players from around the world
CONTROL YOUR HERO, moving it around the battlefield and attacking your opponent’s forces
SELECT A HERO that fits your play style, each offering unique stats and abilities
UNLOCK NEW CARDS to bring into battle
UPGRADE YOUR BATTLE DECK to fit your winning strategy
Win and open LOOT-CHESTS to score new cards
Prove your mettle in combat and CLIMB THE LEADERBOARD
Adjust your tactics for each of 7 DIFFERENT ARENAS

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War Alliance Heroes user reviews :

I play clash royale for 5 years now, but this game also caught my attention, i’m still at 200 stars after 1 week, but it’s similar and with a different graphic and the best thing is you have the hero that moves and can save you from different situations or help push a tower.
  • Goodgame Studios
  • Glad you’re enjoying it! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your review as well
Just one Word- Awesome!! Finally Something worth giving time. No ads, no asking for real money all the time. No limit for playing unlike other games in the same field that requires gems to fill your playability stock. Seriously a great game!! Great Matchmaking, even if I lose I feel like going again. The characters are great, sound is good, graphics is perfect. In fact, even playing for an hour my phone does not heat up that much. Definitely worth Trying
  • MG Magnific Games GmbH
  • Thank you so much for the thorough review and we’re so happy to see you’re enjoying the game :) It’s much appreciated!
Its A great game, until i decided to spend money. All if the sudden after buying A pack of gems and coins,i run into players who generate troops at a rate that’s impossible for our rank, units outside of their displayed rank that they get to use somehow.
  • MG Magnific Games GmbH
  • Thanks for the feedback! So just to clarify, if you’ve seen players with cards outside of your rank, that probably just means they’ve progressed to a particular rank and then fell back down. You can’t gain a card you haven’t unlocked through rank progression.

I tried a lot of rts game but I’m hooked with this one only sorry I gave only 2 star becuz 1.Unfair match up 2. Hard to earn diamonds but the good news is this game is btter than clash Royale

Since war hero went down this is the next best one. I wish it had more funnier faces you can do when you win. But great fun game. Love it

Nice game…. But some times,I got lag and my network was good.. put the reply and live show system … And also 2 vs 2 battle system… Then it will be more good and more famous.

the game is like all the others. the difference is that you control your hero yhat btw you cant buy until you have at least 25 000 gold and you get 100 per chest ( you have to wait or pay for them ). thx for ruining your game.

I got lucky and found a super active clan, this tower defense/attacc game is refreshing and never gets dull, I just hope battle replays to share with the clan would help alot, overall fun game, keep it simple and sleezy fam.

Fun game, smooth, very quick to match with another player. Not sure if I’m that good but haven’t lost yet

Excellent gameplay. A rare Clash Royale clone with gameplay that can rival it. The hero feature turns this battle arena game into almost a 1v1 MOBA, which in my opinion makes it even better than CR. The P2W business model is tiresome, but at least the game feels pretty generous. The problem is matchmaking. It makes no sense. The trophy inflation is out of control, which means you never really have a fun match: either I get rekt by high level players or I outsmart high level bots. My hero is level 7 and I’m super happy if I get matched against a level 10. My highest level card is 8 and I face plenty of players with maxed cards that I can’t stop.

Fantastic game with the potential of rivaling Clash Royale. Looking forward to clans being added and being able to request and trade cards with clanmates. The thing that makes this game special is that you’re actually in the battlefield instead of just watching your troops go in and die. You guys brought an interesting aspect to these kind of strategy games and executed it very well. I will be playing this game. This is from a CR player. Cheers!

Perfect game that has a little twist from clash royal with the controlled leader. Hopefully you guys introduce clans. A good game that balance strategy beats money. But people ( including me ) will eventually invest in the game cuz I enjoy n want it to grow. Nicely done.

Clash Royale w a twist. We will see how the developers progress past these early stages. Not a bad game though. Doesn’t feel P2P just yet, which is nice for a change.

Fantastically crafted. And easy to play.

Addictive Game. Overall, excellent

Pretty good!! Just started seems great!

Very good game i think it better than clash royale

Just played for a few minutes, awesome.

Latest Update :

Device vibration on match found
Add confirmation popup on removing friend

Prevent large medals mismatch in Master / Champion ranks
Increase the importance of card level in the calculation
Event Matchmaking will prefer player from the same rank

Tesla Major, UFO, Heal, Bumble Bee, Sniper, Heavy Copter, Bush, Inferno Troopers, Laser Tank, Freeze Tower, Bomber (details in the in-game news)

Heal was missing one heal tick
Sound issues

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