Hockey Showdown – Beat down opponents with your skills

[Game] Hockey Showdown

Hockey ShowdownMatch up against your friends, your enemies, or anyone worldwide in a head-to-head Hockey Showdown!

Win prizes in online tournaments or compete in single player seasons as your favorite team. Then put your winnings to use by unlocking unique sticks, gloves, and upgrades.

Beat down opponents with your skills AND your popularity. Add friends to earn rewards and steal experience points from your opponents!

Hyper-realistic graphics and heart pounding multiplayer action turn you into a superstar.

Keep your charger handy, ’cause you will NOT be setting this down. – FreeAppsArcade

And find out why Naquatic apps like Guncrafter and Shooting Showdown have lit up the top charts and been featured by everyone from Apple to Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IGN, AppAdvice, and TouchArcade.

Stunning graphics with support for the gorgeous iPhone 5, iPad Mini, and iPad Retina display
Global multiplayer matchmaking through Game Center
No loading screens
Season, Playoff, and Exhibition game modes
Unlockable equipment and upgrades to boost your skillz
Unique trophies and bonuses for completing achievements
The exclusive PhysKick™ engine for unparalleled control
Full set of achievements and leaderboards

Hockey Showdown user reviews :

I’d love to give this game a shot, however this is made difficult because upon opening the game, a bar appears, but never fully fills, freezing about 2/3 of the way full. This is happening on my Galaxy S22, this is not an issue that should be occurring… at all. Yet here we are. I’d love if this would get fixed, I want to give it a try, I just… can’t.

The game is fun for a little while until you lose a single game in the playoffs after 16 games. The campaign isn’t worth it cause on phone your finger completely block the goalie glove making it impossible. And also when you shoot at the top right or left corners the ai ALWAYS gets it no matter what. I played this when I was younger and I realized how hard it is just now.

Pretty good. Very repetitive, Add more gamemodes if you want me to give 5 stars. From what it is though, pretty good. I also dont like how some people have advantages just because they have played more and got more coins to get advantages (better gloves, sticks) I would like it for everyone to be equal. Decent game though, Nice job.

Game is great, doesn’t shove ads down your throat nor is it p2w. Controls have a bit of a learning curve at least with aiming your shots. Would definitely love to see a buttons option for side to side at the least. Otherwise solid game

No way to turn off sound, which is annoying when you want to listen to something else. The adds crash the game or never leave so you have to keep restarting the app. And there no intro so you have to wing how to play. This could be a fun app but these issues make it unplayable.

Of all the colors that the background could be as a goalie, you chose black to match the puck??? It’s impossible to see, and seems like a horrible choice, with a very simple fix

It’s ok. Hard to play goalie because my thumb blocks my line of sight making it a guessing game. It’s fun I just can’t give it more than 3 stars because there’s not an off center function for the goalie mode.

To be fully honest it’s not what I was expecting in a hockey game, but I actually really enjoy the 3 shot shootout play. Simple controls make it even more enjoyable to play.

Great game! But could you add a friend feature that works with android and ios maybe by just sending a link anywhere. Otherwise this game is great if u can add that though this will be a full 5 stars!

This game is really fun and cool but can u guys make the stadium more brighter. Please besides that it’s really cool to shoot and save also just please make the sticks easier to steer anyways if u want a cool and fun hockey game to play. Play this .

Really the shooting is ok, but what brings this game down is the goalie mode you have to put your finger exactly where you want the glove, so when the puck is heading toward you, you can’t see it causing many goals.

I would make it a 10 star game its really fun but when im in the season part my glove just freezes and make me lose and when I shot the puckcincthe net and its past the line it says miss wich makes me lose and it annoyes me alot so ya and other then that it S a good game

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