Basketball Clicker – Compete for fame and riches in weekly tournaments

[Game] Basketball Clicker

Basketball ClickerTap your way to glory! Collect cash, recruit players, and manage your team as you battle against real opponents from all over the world.

Play alone, or form a team with your friends to compete for fame and riches in weekly tournaments.

Draft, sign, and train players into an unstoppable roster of superstars.

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Basketball Clicker user reviews :

I just currently started playing but this game is SO GOOD. But there is some bugs,it does not mess with the playing of the game,it just confuses me sometimes. Like a match started and halfway my ball just switches places,to the right.

Great game I just use all my fingers and spam it and if your on iOS get and auto clicker but by anyways it’s a good game, I will also give tips so if you need help here, I recommend to only up grade your defence for about a day then switch to offence and go back and fourth. But there is better games out there like: NBA 2k mobile and NBA Live mobile go check those games out to.

It keeps saying I dont have connection when I’m connected to wifi and everything else works even the ads but nothing else so I refresh my wifi and even reopen the app still doesn’t work for some reason.

Very fun, but the thing is… when being matched up it’s almost impossible to score

I love it because it is a really good game and I can shoot a basketball in the hoop and it does not have any adds

This is a great game all around and I can not ask for anything better. This is the best clicker i’ve ever played!

Very nice and fun game, especially for offline

Honestly its just meh, its either overpower or get overpowered. Seems very unfair.

This game is really addictive my whole family is playing the game.

Amazing clicker game!!! Play it every day it’s awesome so this game is 5 stars

its experiencing its like ahh stragety but in tapping form

Too soon to really know, but that’s how I’ll rate it for now.

So much fun from your. Games

It’s a pretty decent game

I love this game i alewais play with my brother

Great way to have fun could us an update though.

This game is sic,The quality is awesome the whole games just awesome!

Love it! Great game to pass the time

I saw an ad before I even started playing for the first time; that’s quite the poor monetization model.

Ok so far.. Lost 1 star for the review bribe.edit.. Turn down the ad for extra cash.. Then gives me a ad anyway.. 1 star and Unistall for that.

It’s the best game because you can play with other people and cause theres training and that’s really good Best game I played yet!

This game had my two favorite things in it, clicker games and basketball. 10/10 game

Training takes too long, can’t even play freely, gotta wait a hour just to play PvP,might delete this, very fun game tho

The game is a good time waster but I think the controls need a bitof work.

I love this game and how you can battle other players, so I recommend this to anybody who likes sports and online battles!

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