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[Game] Hopeless Heroes – Tap Attack

Hopeless HeroesHopeless Heroes : The cute, Hopeless blobs are out of the cave, but they are in trouble again!

Blob Town is under attack from an army of scary monsters. Blob heroes from around the world have answered the call to help – will you lead them?

In this free clicker game, tap to attack the monsters and recruit blob heroes, collect gold, and click your way to be the most powerful blob in existence. The blobs escaped the cave, help them win back Blob Town!

Lead the blobs to victory in this addictive, clicker game from the makers of Hopeless: The Dark Cave.


TAP to defend Blob Town
ATTACK the monster army with a range of new blob heroes
CLICK to upgrade skills and blob heroes, and unlock other awesome boosts!
POWER UP your leading blob to defeat more monsters
EARN gold while you’re away
BE the blob hero that Blob Town deserves
WAIT for your mana to refill!
WATCH as the game does the work for you!
COLLECT randomly generated stat bonuses and other graphic representations of virtual numbers!

Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/UpopaGames
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hopelessthegame
Twitter: twitter.com/UpopaGames

User Reviews :

It is kinda like Adventure Capitalist, but much better! The controls are amazing and overall the game is too! I can’t stop playing this game!!! It is so much fun, and I know people are going to be like: The ad did not give me stuff! But put that aside, you’ve done a good job, you deserve a medal.

so far this game is quite addicting and fun. the only issue I have had so far is that if has a tendency to freeze up. which causes me to have to close out the app and start again, but since this is an idle game that is not so terrible. let’s fix the freezing problem please!!

so far, so good. not a p2w game. got a decent amount of gems just by completing some offers by downloading new apps and games. gameplay is great and difficulty is fair enough for f2p players.

The game is very fun and all you do is tap and buy stuff. What I don’t like is that all the stuff is expensive in the shop. I’ve had the game for only 2 days and I’m on stage 150. All the blobs I’ve bought are level 100-130. The game is SOOO fun so I think that you should try the game.

It’s awesome, you don’t have to grind a lot, which makes it more fun than if you had to grind. Other than that, it’s like a game called clicker heroes, like I said, it’s a really good game

Last Update February 6, 2019 :

Brand New Artifacts
3 New Artifacts can now be discovered! Become stronger than ever!
Summon and Banish Artifacts at a discounted rate for a limited time.
Balance Changes to various Artifacts.

New Special Offers System
A new system has been implemented to show valuable offers to players more often, with focus on various items based on the offer.

Other Changes:
Power-Ups – try for free changes
Various Bug fixes

Hopeless Heroes developer :


Video :

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