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[Game] Idle Cannon Shot

Idle Cannon Shot  Have you been looking for a cool offline or online game for your mobile phone that is fun and doesn’t take up so much time?

Do you like gun games, idle clickers and cookie your own weapons? Then this adventure is exactly what you need the right thing for you! Download the Idle Cannon Shot Clicker and enjoy the easy way to switch off while having fun.

When you’re fed up with complex controls and confusing storytelling. If you miss simple clickers and weapon simulators. If you don’t want to miss out on the competition, i.e. earn money and become a tycoon. Then we made this free idle game just for you. Welcome to Guns Game – Idle Cannon Shot Clicker. All you have to do in Idle Cannon Shot Clicker is simply shoot cannonballs from a simple (but powerful!) Cannon. Namely on a huge smiley face. A fun game, a fun fight – as promised!

Tap on your screen and the war against smileys will begin. Play it for free and just have fun with this adventure game for those who value their time!
Shoot the smileys and collect more points – the more money you have in the game, the more opportunities you get!
Upgrade your cannon with extra features – the next level of fighting games with weapons for those who don’t want to fake it.
Use the mini gun for more powerful attacks – a real weapon simulator.
Collect gifts for more extra points and coins.
Destroy all smiley faces and collect them in this fun game.

Destroy the smileys and get more coins and cookie – it’s that easy.
For every additional smiley you get more coins – play more and earn more money.
Spend the money on armament.
Unlock Money Multiplier and Cashbox Volume to earn more coins.
If you watch integrated videos, you get more valuable AdsCoins and Diamante to upgrade your cannon.
With diamonds you can purchase new coins and activate extra functions for your cannon.
Build the ultimate cannon and destroy more giant smileys – build and play very easy.

As in all weapon games, you want the most powerful guarantee to effectively defeat your opponents. At Idle Cannon Shot Clicker, you have a wide range of upgrades to create the deadliest machine.
Damage – increase the damage set up.
Cooler speed – speed up the cooling of your cannon.
Max. Temperature – increase the heat maximum for your guarantee, because while it gets too hot you can no longer shoot.
Cold bullets help you maintain the temperature.
Mini gun – fire with the most faithful companion for every attack.
Cooling power – better cooling when shooting.
Heat resistance – deceleration of warming.
Money multiplier ß helps you to multiply your profit when shooting your opponent.
Volume of the cash box – increases your account balance.
Poisonous projectiles – helps you destroy the enemy’s protection more effectively.
Mini Gun Speed ​​- increases the rate of fire from your mini gun.
Crit percentage – increases the frequency of the main cookie cannon shots .
Domes, effect duration, armor reducing, additional shots and many other cool options for more fun!

You can download the game for free, and in-app purchases with real money are also possible. Try out Idle Cannon Shot Clicker, download it now and enjoy the free minutes!

Idle Cannon Shot user reviews :

I played this for about a week. It’s definitely a money grab. The grind goes up exponentially. Everything is under gems and the remove ads is $10 (USD) it could be fun if the dev opened it up a bit. There is a heat function, that’s the cannons heat. The cooling isn’t accurate. Take it how it is. If you play for an hour without the sponsored “gifts” you’ll get between 10-15 ads. Thankfully you can mute them all, at least for now.

This game exists solely to push ads onto the user. Within 20 seconds of gameplay you realize you are very limited in what you’re able to do and it’s already pushing an ad to boost you along. Do not bother with this game.

Fun game, but I’d like to know more information about the upgrades like the additional gunshots, do they make more heat or no? Or how fast the cooler spins. Like how much C° is decreased per second, Even though theres a ton of ads you can always turn on airplane mode. Overall good game.

I understand a lot of people hate the fact that there are a lot of ads in this game but one thing that you should remember this is an offline game you can always turn airplane mode on to disable the ads. On the side note it is a fairly fun game to anyone that enjoys a more active idle game.

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